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Raw Nutella...substi

Raw Nutella...substitute maple syrup for xylitol and a little more unsweetened almond milk. So delicious!! via HCG diet recipes http://ift.tt/1xevoKE

Bruschetta à la capo

Bruschetta à la caponata siciliana, un vrai délice ! Yes it is Onorata! Simple, flavoursome and redolent of summer niblets pre BBQ or apero'! via Mediterranean Diet, Recipes and Colors! http://ift.tt/1qijRIh

Agnese Italian Recip

Agnese Italian Recipes: Italian zucca fritta recipe For centuries, the pumpkin falls in many areas of my recipes , and not surprisingly since Emilia Romagna , Lombardy and Veneto in this vegetable has found its ideal climate , and is cultivated intensively. Are not to be underestimated even its nutritional properties , is a low-calorie food (about 18 calories per 100g) because it consists of water for more than 90% , and contains vitamin A, calcium , potassium, phosphorus and fiber. via Mediterranean Diet, Recipes and Colors! http://ift.tt/1mHuRsD

My easy Italian De C

My easy Italian De Cecco Spaghetti Carbonara. #Step-by-Step #preparation with #photos. Cooking time 15 min. Easy and Italian! via Mediterranean Diet, Recipes and Colors! http://ift.tt/1mHuP49

Pork Chops with Crea

Pork Chops with Creamy Cabbage via Diet Recipes http://ift.tt/1mHuP3X

Weight Watchers revi

Weight Watchers review Ultimate Weight Watchers Recipes Collection (Plus Tools to Get You Started and Keep You on Track!) via Diet Recipes http://ift.tt/1kbxKlz

Grilled Gluten-Free Pizza

Summer is all about family, friends, and barbeques. Am I right? We all know these kinds of get-togethers are a lot of fun, especially when it comes to what is cooking on the grill. Of course, you’ll see the usual hamburgers, chicken breasts, and sausage, but what about trying something a little different at your […]

from Carrots 'N' Cake http://ift.tt/V8Zq4M

Low-Carb Raspberry A

Low-Carb Raspberry Almond Cheese Danish via diet recipes http://ift.tt/1iS4eqo

Low Carb Parmesan Ga

Low Carb Parmesan Garlic Spaghetti Squash via diet recipes http://ift.tt/1iS4e9K


Nice! via Weight Loss & Diet Recipes http://ift.tt/1o4HZdZ

BBQ Shrimp Skewers -

BBQ Shrimp Skewers - clixtrac.com/goto/ via Weight Loss & Diet Recipes http://ift.tt/1iS4d5B

A must try Shrimp an

A must try Shrimp and Chicken Asian Stir Fry recipe (Thanks to Community Member Chef Coleen W.) www.facebook.com/... via Virgin Diet Recipes http://ift.tt/1xcD2p6

Peanut Butter Chocol

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Breakfast Bars - Soft, thick and quick. Better than any other breakfast bar you've tried. via The Low Carb Diet Recipes http://ift.tt/1xcD28B

Skinny Lemon Bites R

Skinny Lemon Bites Recipe ~ These healthy little bites of citrus-y springtime are so quick and easy to make. And they taste divine! via diabetic recipes/ diet recipes http://ift.tt/1xcD4gB

Ever wonder what the

Ever wonder what the heck you should do with the extra juice pulp leftover from that delicious green juice you just made? Try this! via Juicing Recipes http://ift.tt/1qgMvcI


juice-pulp-recipe-hummus via Juicing Recipes http://ift.tt/1oljqep

Grilled Balsamic Pea

Grilled Balsamic Peaches - A Family Feast. ☀CQ southern sweets treats via Healthy diet recipes http://ift.tt/1pTT9ng

5 cups of GREEN TEA

5 cups of GREEN TEA a day could help you lose twice as much weight, most of it around your belly. via Diet recipes http://ift.tt/1vsogrz

50 Recipes for Weigh

50 Recipes for Weight Loss! #weightloss #healthy #recipes via Diet recipes http://ift.tt/1lOVzUK

Dr Oz has been shari

Dr Oz has been sharing the best snacks to blast belly fat. Now you can try these tricks to easily boost your fat-burning efforts, from Sriracha hot sauce to an Acacia Powder review and the Morning Breath method. via Diet recipes http://ift.tt/1lOVAYP

"hello gorgeous" ene

"hello gorgeous" energy boosting morning tea by skinny fox detox via Diet recipes http://ift.tt/1vsocIk

Typical Sicilian Dis

Typical Sicilian Dishes: “Scacce” via Mediterranean Diet, Recipes and Colors! http://ift.tt/1lOVuR1

Guilt-Free Mexican B

Guilt-Free Mexican Brownie Bites via Diet Recipes http://ift.tt/1xby1wR

This zucchini soup i

This zucchini soup is a family favorite and made with only FIVE ingredients! via Diet Recipes http://ift.tt/1mheiJN


HEALTHIER TRAIL MIX RECIPES TO MAKE YOURSELF!!! via Healthy Diet & Recipes http://ift.tt/1z59dbI

100 Healthy snacks

100 Healthy snacks via Healthy Diet & Recipes http://ift.tt/1z59cEQ