Thursday, December 4, 2014

Can it really be? Is

Can it really be? Is Labor Day Weekend just a few days away? A friend of mine mentioned that starting next week, Starbucks will begin brewing their Pumpkin Spice Lattes; I actually learned that if you’re really yearning for a taste of fall, you can probably even order one now. But as much as I … via Diet recipes

Pot Roast with Apple

Pot Roast with Apples, Sweet Potatoes, & Prunes | Food Renegade - Pot roast is a simple, wholesome meal — one my family turns to on cool Fall and Winter nights. Yet despite it’s simplicity, I’m always looking for new twists on this savory family favorite. #food #grainfree #paleo #glutenfree #dairyfree #maindish #potroast #sweetpotatoes via GAPS Diet Recipe Community

Garlicky Spaghetti S

Garlicky Spaghetti Squash with Chicken, Mushrooms, and Kale #glutenfree #paleo via Mediterranean Diet, Recipes and Colors!

Hot crusty bread is

Hot crusty bread is topped with garden fresh basil pesto, slow roasted tomatoes and a syrupy balsamic reduction. The very best bruschetta recipe! via Mediterranean Diet, Recipes and Colors!

Kale Salad with Citr

Kale Salad with Citrus, Avocado, and Feta Cheese on twopeasandtheirpo... Love this healthy and refreshing salad! via Mediterranean Diet, Recipes and Colors!

Three Body Types: No

Three Body Types: No Need For A Body Type Test - Find Your Ideal Body Type Diet via DIET RECIPES

Eat right for your b

Eat right for your body type...quick and easy guidelines if you're unsure of where to start :-) via DIET RECIPES

Can Juicing Help wit

Can Juicing Help with Weight Loss? via Healthy Juice Recipes

SIMPLE, nutrient pac

SIMPLE, nutrient packed Immune Booster ORANGE Smoothie with sweet potato, orange juice, flax seed and so much more! #vegan #glutenfree #smoothie #healthy via Healthy Juice Recipes

Can Juicing Help wit

Can Juicing Help with Weight Loss? via Healthy Juice Recipes

Quickest AYURVEDIC w

Quickest AYURVEDIC weight LOss Remedy via Healthy Juice Recipes

Shredded and Roasted

Shredded and Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Toasted Almonds and Parmesan; this is a delicious recipe for Thanksgiving or any time brussels sprouts are in season, and it's Low-Carb and Gluten-Free [from] #DeliciouslyHealthy #ThanksgivingRecipe via Mediterranean Diet, Recipes and Colors!

Cheesy Buckwheat wit

Cheesy Buckwheat with Kale and Mushrooms | via Mediterranean Diet, Recipes and Colors!

Melópita – Honey pie

Melópita – Honey pie from Sifnos island via Mediterranean Diet, Recipes and Colors!

Examining the Concept of Self-Care

Once in the midst of a dinner party conversation while I was describing my work, a smart and eccentric woman interjected with a thought I’ve considered ever since. “Exercise, good eating, lots of sleep – those are what keep me healthy. Self-care, on the other hand…” she explained leaning forward smiling and stabbing the air […]

from Mark's Daily Apple

7 Meatloaf Makeovers

Push meatloaf past its cafeteria-food reputation with innovative, healthy recipes for this comforting classic.

from Healthy Eats – Food Network Healthy Living Blog

14 High Protein Lunc

14 High Protein Lunch and Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss #highprotein #weightloss #recipes via Diet recipes

14 recipes 400 calor

14 recipes 400 calories or less! via Diet recipes

DIY Salad Dressing

Foodblog-9963 “What do you put on your salads?” is one of my most frequently asked questions. It seems everyone is out to find the magic salad dressing they’ll use for the rest of their lives! I don’t really care for most of the bottled dressings out there. I don’t know if they use too much onion […]

from Kath Eats Real Food

30 Challenges In 30 Days – DAY 30!!!

Day 30 Challenge: Evaluate your situation and progress. Ask yourself – “How do I feel and where are my energy levels now compared to when I started making these changes?” or “Has my gym performance and/or how my clothes fit changed since I have been eating better?” If you like Read more...

from The Paleo Diet - Robb Wolf on Paleolithic nutrition, intermittent fasting, and fitness