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7-Layer Greek Dip, t

7-Layer Greek Dip, this was a hit, simple and yummy, a new twist to apps! Very refreshing. via Mediterranean Diet, Recipes and Colors! http://ift.tt/1FJwr9l

A whole-foods approa

A whole-foods approach to weight loss and overall health with 4 general rules 1) Eat whole foods; 2) Avoid processed and packaged foods; 3) Indulge sometimes 4) Eat when your body tells you to rupertreviews.com... via Weight Watchers Diet & Recipes http://ift.tt/1AgXB2t

Oatmeal Cookie Butte

Oatmeal Cookie Butter sweetened only with raisins! | Healthy Slow Cooking via Plant Based Diet Recipes http://ift.tt/18zog41

Mango breakfast smoo

Mango breakfast smoothie recipe via Smoothies and Juicing Recipes http://ift.tt/1AeO0dE


RAW FISH SELECTION OVER WHITE WOOD via Mediterranean Diet & Recipes http://ift.tt/1C2QZKK

4 get well quick rec

4 get well quick recipes | Healthy Slow Cooking via Plant Based Diet Recipes http://ift.tt/1ETms2w

Chocolate S'mores Sm

Chocolate S'mores Smoothie by FamilySpice.com via Smoothies and Juicing Recipes http://ift.tt/1MpE72m

my darling lemon thy

my darling lemon thyme: green smoothie. via Smoothies and Juicing Recipes http://ift.tt/1MpE6LV

Prosciutto, Pear and

Prosciutto, Pear and Gorgonzola Pizza via Mediterranean Diet, Recipes and Colors! http://ift.tt/1B1ElWR

6 Fun Things To Do With Your Running Buddy

SAM_0660 (533x800) Hey, hey! My friends at Brooks recently sent me a pair of their new running capris and (this is so cool) they sent the same pair to my running buddy, Kerrie! Isn’t that nice? (Brooks also sent us this tank top, so we’re super matchy-matchy.) Both of us really love these Infiniti Capri III. Of […]

from Carrots 'N' Cake http://ift.tt/1MpiizX

The Best 15 Healthy

The Best 15 Healthy Smoothies - Fast, easy, and tasty smoothie recipes that'll keep you full and satisfied and are skinny jeans-friendly! via Smoothies and Juicing Recipes http://ift.tt/1EScKgZ

Menu Plan Your Butt

Menu Plan Your Butt Off is a free, healthy, weekly menu plan...with a printable grocery list! via healthy diet recipes http://ift.tt/1KRXLZp

Lots of things will

Lots of things will affect a person’s metabolism, and it can change at different times depending on the frequency one eats, his or her genetics, the volume of muscle mass, stress and activity. Here are 13 effective ways you can increase metabolism. rupertreviews.com... via Weight Watchers Diet & Recipes http://ift.tt/1KROuRj

Morning Bachelor Chat

Foodblog-6151 Bachelor spoiler alert!!!!!!! Last night we made this awesome sundried tomato, roasted red pepper and smoked gouda quiche. The fillings were great, but that crust! Yummmmm! On the side – a spinach salad with the basil dressing, blue cheese and those delish praline pumpkin seeds from Naturebox. And this!! Lots of honey notes. Loved it. […]

from Kath Eats Real Food http://ift.tt/1aZGiOO

Cool drink recipe

Cool drink recipe via Diet recipes http://ift.tt/18xU1dH

Top 5 Supergreens

Greens have been getting a lot of attention (green juice, anyone?), and nutritionally, they are pretty super! Expand your repertoire of veggies by including these five in your diet.

from Healthy Eats – Food Network Healthy Living Blog http://ift.tt/1aZCKvZ

There’s a 99%, if no

There’s a 99%, if not 100% chance that you’ve been in this situation before – you finish a workout, you’re starving, and somehow before you know it you end up eating a large fully loaded sandwich. You tell yourself, you earned it— because you just worked out! Not so fast! rupertreviews.com... via Weight Watchers Diet & Recipes http://ift.tt/1NEjMtN

Summer's fast approa

Summer's fast approaching. Don't let the unsightly dimples and ripples on your legs ruin your fun in the sun. Take a stand against cellulite. rupertreviews.com... via Weight Watchers Diet & Recipes http://ift.tt/1NEjJhr

The row food diet. #

The row food diet. #fitness #exercise #fit #slim #diet #abs #health #weight #workouts #tips via Weight Watchers Diet & Recipes http://ift.tt/1NEjIKl

Flattening your bell

Flattening your belly needs a good workout that targets all the core regions to burn the calories. #fitness #exercise #fit #slim #diet #abs #health via Weight Watchers Diet & Recipes http://ift.tt/1NEjK5d

Yoga is best tonic o

Yoga is best tonic of the healthy long life. #yoga #fitness #health #tips #weight #diet #slim #fit via Weight Watchers Diet & Recipes http://ift.tt/1B0fVwR

The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Procrastination

Several years ago, I briefly discussed a few methods for overcoming procrastination, but they didn’t take. The sea change I expected never came. People still procrastinated as much as they ever did, despite views for that particular post reaching the upper tens of thousands. Today, that changes. I’ve created a definitive guide to overcoming the […]

from Mark's Daily Apple http://ift.tt/1AZV64S

How We Feed Our 9-Month Old

IMG_0053 (800x800) This post is sponsored by Similac as part of the Sisterhood of Motherhood campaign. Hello, hello! Someone turned 9 months old yesterday! I can’t believe how quickly this little guy is growing, and I swear each month gets more fun and exciting. And Quinn is developing quite the personality! He’s a happy little dude for […]

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10 Health benefits o

10 Health benefits of kidney beans. : #health #fitness #weight #nutrition #food #tips via Weight Watchers Diet & Recipes http://ift.tt/1EP3p9y