Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How Much Does Sugar Contribute to Obesity?

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Weights & Crab Cakes

Foodblog (1 of 1)Live blogging this afternoon to report that 1) I just had a crazy hard workout and 2) There is a new food truck in town! I met KERF reader Jill at ACAC for BFF month and gave her a tour. She’s new to town and might join! I took her to strength class and killed […]

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5 Healthy Take-to-School Breakfasts

Make busy mornings a whole lot easier by dropping the kids off at school or at the bus stop with healthy take-to-school breakfast recipes that will have them full and focused until lunchtime.

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6 No-Cook Desserts

Beat the heat with these six no-cook desserts.

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What’s Goin’ On!

Foodblog (1 of 6)Have you heard the rumors that One Direction is taking a break and not touring for their new album? I am about 15 years older than most of their fans, but I’m just as sad! Give their songs a shot – so good. Mazen knows some of the lyrics to their songs now and sings […]

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These Little Bugs Decide If You Get Fat

Guest post written by: Dr. Amy Shah   Those little critters that live deep in your bowels — i.e. gut microbiota — are all the rage in medicine right now. In fact, fecal transplants (yes, it is what it sounds like) have been PROVEN to cure certain diseases that antibiotics can’t even touch. But recently… Continue Reading

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The Farmer’s Daughter + Children’s Museum

SAM_3481-680x1024.jpgGood morning! Our little family had such a nice start to our day yesterday. We first enjoyed breakfast at The Farmer’s Daughter and then we had some fun at the Children’s Museum in Easton, which is right next door. The Farmer’s Daughter was on our list of places to visit for quite a while now– even long […]

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