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5 Mind Blowing Jam C

5 Mind Blowing Jam Canning Recipes. Caramel Apple Jam via Healthy Juice Recipes http://ift.tt/1OdOD28

carrot cucumber and

carrot cucumber and orange juice for energy via Juicing Recipes http://ift.tt/1iuFqpx

"Juicing Kits"

"Juicing Kits" via Juicing Recipes http://ift.tt/1iuFsh2

Out for Two Weeks

from Whole Health Source http://ift.tt/1Lx3bE7

Matcha Smoothie with

Matcha Smoothie with pineapple, kale and coconut. You might discover that pineapple is perfect in smoothies. This energising smoothie will quickly become one of your favourites. via Healthy Juice Recipes http://ift.tt/1KlWu6F

Best Juicing Recipes

Best Juicing Recipes Helps You Lose Weight via Healthy Juice Recipes http://ift.tt/1Kehj4X

Random Musings + Awesome Average Runner Tanks & Tees

IMG_7600.jpgHi, friends! By the time you read this post, I’ll be in Arizona for the Natural Delights Medjool Dates Summit. Yup, that’s right—a whole trip devoted to those little bites of heaven—and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it! But, first, here are some random musings/updates from this morning and Monday. Enjoy! This […]

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Anything Is Possible: Just Ask Chef Robert Irvine  

Nothing is impossible, according to Chef Robert Irvine. You just have to commit to making healthy changes.

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Life As Mrs. Larson

Life As Mrs. Larson : Chocolate Shakeology Recipes via Juicing Recipes http://ift.tt/1MpEqzq

“I felt hopelessly addicted to food…” but not anymore!

How do we decide what to eat when we live in a world full of toxic food? All it takes is a little planning and action. Many of you are upset about what’s happening in the food industry and I don’t … Continued

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Monticello’s Heritage Harvest Festival

Foodblog (2 of 27)We were invited to go to Monticello’s 9th Annual Heritage Harvest Festival this weekend. I’ve been invited several times in the past but have always had a scheduling conflict, so I was thrilled to go for the first time! Friday night there was an opening keynote and reception at the Paramount Theater downtown. The speakers were […]

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Clearing Up Cholesterol Confusion

Confused about how your diet affects your cholesterol? Here are some answers.

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Game Day Spinach-Artichoke Dip

SAM_3841-1024x683.jpgOh, boy, do I have a delicious recipe for you guys. This spinach-artichoke dip was a huge hit in our house, and I have a good feeling it will wow your family and friends too. It’s also incredibly easy to make and relatively healthy, unlike some of those store-bought spinach-artichoke dips on the market. Ok, are you […]

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What You Need to Know About Foodborne Illness: Part 1

It’s a regular headline: “# of People Sickened by Contaminated Food.” Most recently, it was a case of imported cucumbers with salmonella (one of the most common and serious foodborne pathogens) that resulted in at least 341 people ill and two dead across 30 states. It’s difficult when public service information shifts us toward viewing our […]

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Episode 287 – Amy Berger – Nutrition and Alzheimer’s

Download Episode Here Featuring guest: Amy Berger http://ift.tt/1hX55lv Amy’s article An Antidote for Alzherimer’s on our blog The Alzheimer’s Antidote ebook       30 Day Guide to the Paleo Diet Want some extra help? Have you been trying Paleo for a while but have questions or aren’t sure what the right exercise program is… Continue Reading

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