Thursday, September 24, 2015

detox drinks

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Holiday Detox Green

Holiday Detox Green Apple Smoothie - Tastes just like a juicy green apple + packs in the nutritional benefits of KALE. Perfect for between holiday meals! via Healthy Juice Recipes

Sour Cherry and Pome

Sour Cherry and Pomegranate Detox Smoothie by blessthismess #Smoothie #Sour_Cherry #Pomegranate via Healthy Juice Recipes

3 day detox

3 day detox via Healthy Juice Recipes

cool info graphics #

cool info graphics #fitness #diet #juicing #Health #weight_loss #cleanse #smoothie #bikini_body #JUICE #JUICING #HAWA #HEALTH via Healthy Juice Recipes

How Green Juices Tra

How Green Juices Transformed My 40-Year Old Body. via Healthy Juice Recipes

Peanut Butter Banana

Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Smoothie (gluten free, naturally sweetened, and dairy free) from What The Fork Food Blog via Healthy Juice Recipes

Butternut Squash and Bacon One-Pot Pasta

This butternut Alfredo-style sauce is velvety-smooth and satisfying, but it’s far from heavy. In fact, it’s actually healthy.

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6 Healthy Treats to Make After Apple Picking – Fall Fest

Whether you prefer sweet Fujis or tart Granny Smiths, here are five healthy ways to use up your freshly picked apples this fall.

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Upcoming Event: Health Unplugged

I’m going to be doing a live Q&A session via Skype at Darryl Edwards’s Health Unplugged conference in London on October 31. I recorded a brief preview with Katalin of the Health Unplugged team. (Katalin, you may recall, is a …

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The European Meal Plan You Should Try

Six simple ideas can help you make healthy food choices for you and the environment.

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My Week So Far: Enjoying the Little Things

IMG_8016-1024x1024.jpgNow that life has slowed down a bit, I’ve had a chance to stop and enjoy the little things in my life. I’ve talked in the past about how the little things are sometimes the big things and how even the smallest gesture can make a huge difference in someone’s day. Being home this week […]

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The Origin (and future) of the Ketogenic Diet – Part 1

Travis Christofferson M.S.                                         Dominic D’Agostino Ph.D.   “Flip a Coin”   In the front yard, on an innocent spring morning in 1993, Hollywood movie producer, Jim Abrahams, rhythmically pushed his son Charlie in a swing. Behind him were the busy noises of his wife Nancy and Charlie’s two siblings as they prepared the house… Continue Reading

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Food Of My Wildest Dreams

Foodblog (13 of 35)Have you guys seen this Taylor Swift video? I’m just an average fan of hers, but this video has me obsessed. It’s just stunning, and I love the story line!! Foods of my wildest dreams? I’d like a huge avocado and salmon kale salad with a glass of Chardonnay followed by a giant ice cream […]

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This $1000 Primal Shopping Spree Could Be Yours

Today’s the day for another primal giveaway! Over the last year I’ve teamed up with Thrive Market to give Mark’s Daily Apple readers (you!) free jars of coconut oil, free jars of Primal Kitchen™ Mayo, exclusive eBooks, and even a $500 primal shopping spree. Not to mention dozens of free memberships. But now we’re taking things to the next level. […]

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Clean Eating Pickled Refrigerator Cauliflower

I realize this may sound like an odd recipe, but stick with me a minute. A while back, I shared my mom’s recipe for refrigerator pickles. And after I had shared that with you guys, my mom mentioned… Read more →

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