Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What Is Maguey Sweet Sap?

Here are the facts and what we thought about maguey syrup in Food Network Kitchen.

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Clean Eating Roasted Leftover Vegetable Party Tray Soup Recipe

We’v all been there. We throw a party, put out a veggie platter, and then find that many of the veggies got left behind. So then there is this mixed bag of “finger food” veggies that sits in the… Read more →

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The Primal Blueprint Definitive Guide to Troubleshooting Weight Loss

I get a lot of emails about weight loss plateaus. I’ve covered them in Dear Mark after Dear Mark. I’ve personally written countless emails to readers about beating a stall. Friends, colleagues, and peers frequently come to me for assistance with their slowed weight loss. If you type “weight loss p” into Google, the first […]

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Until Next Year {Newport}

IMG_8463-768x1024.jpgHi, friends! We’re home from Newport now and we had a wonderful time there. It was great spending time with family, and I especially love all of our traditions. They’re the best part of our trip, and I look forward to them so much. On our final night in Newport, we enjoyed an early dinner at […]

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How to Avoid Food Waste

Americans waste a tremendous amount of food each year, which leads to numerous environmental consequences. Here is what you can do to reduce the amount of food you waste.

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12 Months of Real Food: PUMPKIN!

12 MORF Pumpkin 2Remember the other week when I said I wasn’t quite ready for pumpkin-flavored everything? Boy, a few days sure can change things! It only made sense for the October edition of 12 Months of Real Food to be the one and only pumpkin!! Pumpkin is truly a nutrition powerhouse. It’s a fantastic source of beta carotene […]

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Episode 290 – CJ Hunt – The Perfect Human Diet

Download Episode Here Featuring guest: CJ Hunt Main Website: cjhuntreports.com LinkedIn: http://ift.tt/1j2hUzO Facebook: http://ift.tt/1OhvICp Twitter: @cjhuntreports   Book on Amazon: http://ift.tt/1OhvGdM   30 Day Guide to the Paleo Diet Want some extra help? Have you been trying Paleo for a while but have questions or aren’t sure what the right exercise program is for you? Or maybe you… Continue Reading

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