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The Mini Super Alkal

The Mini Super Alkaline Juice Recipe: Alkalize your body with this low sugar, high in minerals juice! #juicing #alkalinejuicerecipe via Juice and Juicing Recipes

Caul Me Brussel Gree

Caul Me Brussel Green Juice Recipe is a great tasting vegetable only juice recipe! Loads of other green juicing recipes on the page as well. via Juice and Juicing Recipes

Try this tasty nutri

Try this tasty nutrient dense Apple Limeade Juice Recipe! Asparagus contains lots of protein, while apples contain plenty of antioxidants that are a good for a spread of health benefits such as skin health, lung health, anti-cancer, and more! #rawjuicecleanserecipes #juicing #juicerecipes #juicingrecipes via Juice and Juicing Recipes

Nutrition News: White Pasta Alternatives, Dietary Guidelines and Sustainability and Social Media’s Nutritional Impact

Revised dietary guidelines won’t consider sustainability; know what to eat instead of white pasta; and social media use affects teens’ nutritional choices, one study finds.

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Clean Eating Paleo Lemon Pancakes Recipe

So as many of you know, I’m doing my best to eat clean AND low carb. But every once in a while, I find it incredibly difficult to stick to. So instead of totally blowing it, I try out a paleo treat.… Read more →

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Surface Talk – What Are You Sleeping On?

As you’ve all probably noticed, we talk a lot about sleep. It’s one of the most important aspects of your health. Seriously. If you’ve been out of the loop and missing all the sleep related fun, take some time to check out these posts to catch up: There’s still one factor of sleep we… Continue Reading

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Holistic Medicine Meets Primal Principles

Hey, folks! It’s Friday once again, and that usually means it’s time for one of your amazing success stories. But something remarkable has been going on here at Mark’s Daily APple that gave me an idea. Over the last year, there’s been a core group of people that our worker bees at MDA have gotten […]

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Produce Picks: Squash

Learn everything you should know about squash, from its health benefits to best recipes.

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Apple Breakfast Cookies with Peanut Butter Drizzle

Foodblog (21 of 24)These fall-festive apple cookies are brought to you by my friend Jessica, who makes them for her kids’ breakfast. She came over one day and we made them together. Fresh outta the oven they are divine! The recipe is really easy and quick enough to whip up for breakfast or afternoon snack. Start with your dry […]

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Uh-Oh Toddler Stories

IMG_8603-1024x768.jpgGood morning and happy Friday to you! I’m back on an oatmeal kick now that Fall is here. Anyone else? I used to eat oatmeal ALLTHETIME, but once I did the whole Paleo thing, I stopped eating it on the regular. It really is the best breakfast. It’s so darn filling and you can switch it […]

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