Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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Ingredient of the Week: Carrots // Beet, Carrot, and Apple Juice via Juicing Recipes

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Are Millennials Obsessed with Food? Just Ask Eve Turrow

Food, travel and culture writer Eve Turrow examines why millennials have traded in the bright-orange mac and cheese of their childhood for craft beers, artisanal cheeses and organic, free-range everything.

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5 Things You Learn Being a Primal Lifer

Being a Primal lifer is nice. You get to pat the heads and tousle the hair of precious newbies who just learned the words “lectin” and “phytate” and can’t stop talking about it. Navigating your local farmer’s market is a breeze, and you’re such a regular that you can show up half an hour past closing […]

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Tell Us Your Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish and You Could Win an All-Clad Pan

Just in time for Thanksgiving cooking.

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Juice Recipe

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Heritage Halloween

Foodblog (33 of 53)As promised, here’s a recap of my trip to Colonial Williamsburg with American Heritage Chocolate! I drove down on Thursday afternoon and got settled into the hotel. We stayed at the Williamsburg Lodge, which is the same place we stayed when Matt, Mazen and I took a trip here a few years ago! It was […]

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Sustainability > Dogma

Hey folks, you might have heard me say Sustainability > Abs, but now I’ve got a new message. Sustainability > Dogma. All too often, people with good intentions get caught up in the small differences between their version of the optimal human diet and miss the point. Large egos can erode well-intentioned groups. The fact… Continue Reading

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Quick Full Body Medicine (or Slam) Ball Workout

Carrots-N-Cake-35-1024x682_thumb.jpgHi, guys! I have another fun workout for you! I mean, just look at my face. I’m having an absolute blast! Haha! Anyway… this is a quick, full-body workout that you can do with a medicine ball, slam ball, dumbbell, or kettlebell. There are lots of options! You just need a timer to keep track of […]

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