Wednesday, December 30, 2015

10 Healthy Snacks th

10 Healthy Snacks that are also really easy to put together!: via Healthy Juice Recipes

3 Natural Drinks To

3 Natural Drinks To Get a Really Good Night’s Sleep --personally, I don't agree with the milk if it pasteurized, and we are the only species that goes back to milk after we have been weened. The others I'd like to try. via Healthy Juice Recipes

A detox lemonade rec

A detox lemonade recipe to get rid of bloat after your big holiday feast: via Juicing/Smoothies/Waters

Community Post: 30+

Community Post: 30+ Health Boosting Green Smoothie Recipes via Healthy Juice Recipes

7 Ways to Slow Down Your Perception of Time

I’m 62. I’m supposed to have a big belly. I’m supposed to be taking at least four prescription drugs a day (PDF). I’m supposed to be lining up for the early bird special at the Denny’s on Lincoln. I’m not supposed to be lifting weights, sprinting, and beating younger guys at Ultimate Frisbee. I shouldn’t […]

from Mark's Daily Apple

9 New Year’s Resolution Diet Mistakes You’re Already Making

Achieve optimum health in the new year by avoiding these common diet mistakes.

from Healthy Eats – Food Network Healthy Living Blog

Delicious Smoothie T

Delicious Smoothie To Lose Weight In Natural Way via Healthy Juice Recipes

Post Christmas Reds

Foodblog (1 of 2)Because I have anything but the post-Christmas blues! I’ve actually had a blast these past few days taking down our decorations and detoxifying my body with a few good workouts and healthy food. The best formula! See above breakfast for example I’ve been living at the Juice Laundry this month. For five years I’ve been […]

from Kath Eats Real Food

Shrimp Rice Bowl with Tomato, Basil & Feta

SAM_6179-1024x683.jpgHi, friends! As you already know, I’m on a huge rice bowl kick lately. I eat them allllll the time. They’re so easy to make and just about anything goes when it comes to ingredients, so they’re my go-to meal for lunch and dinner. (You’ll probably see a lot more recipes on CNC in the […]

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