Sunday, June 26, 2016

Life Lately Via iPhone + Snapchat

Good morning and a very happy Monday to you!

Somehow I haven’t done a Life Via iPhone (aka “photo dump) post since January. Whattttt?! I know a lot of you guys enjoy them, so it’s definitely time for another one. I’m also really into Snapchat lately, so I’ve included some fun “snaps” too. (FYI:  You can find me on Snapchat by name at ‘carrotsncake’.) Ok, so without further ado, here’s a glimpse into our life lately via my iPhone and randomness on Snapchat!

Cruisin’ with Q-man – He asked to wear his sunglasses for this stroller ride. Apparently (and thankfully), he has Dada’s sense of style!

IMG_8319 (1280x1280) (1280x1280)

Ahhhh, water leak!! I turned on the faucet so Quinn could wash his hands, but then I heard water dripping below. Uh oh. I immediately turned it off, opened the cabinet and saw everything below totally drench. Ughhhh. Thankfully, the water stopped, and I was able to clean up the mess, but I still sent Mal this photo to show him what happened at home/what we needed to deal with later. In the end, we didn’t need a plummer, but, instead, the faucet extender we use for Quinn was backing up and leaking down below. Phew. Mal had put it on a new way that didn’t quite work, so it started to leak. We fixed it and no leaks since!

IMG_8524 (960x1280)

A recent trip to Trader Joe’s – Grocery shopping with a toddler is always an adventure! 🙂

IMG_8633 (1280x1280)

“Dog! Dog! Dog!” – Quinn loved this filter on Snapchat and he’s been talking up a storm lately!

IMG_8540 (720x1280)

We’ve created a (yogurt-covered raisin) monster – Quinn lovvvvveeesss yogurt-covered raisins. I recently bought some from CVS/pharmacy (they have so many awesome healthy snacks nowadays) and he was obsessed with them. It’s ALL he wanted to eat.

IMG_6668 (1280x1280)

Loving this meal lately! It’s cauliflower rice mixed with white rice, ground beef, peppers, onions, and pizza seasoning. Oh my gosh, it’s delicious and tastes really great as leftovers.

IMG_8541 (1280x1280)

A fun cardio WOD at KFIT – I sure do love a heavy workout, but a straight-up cardio sweat session is awesome too!

IMG_8549 (720x1280)

Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate Nut Bar = OMGSOGOOD. Seriously. I ate this baby for dessert one night after dinner. I definitely need to buy more!

IMG_8556 (1280x960)

Feeding the ducks at CVS – Yep, our local CVS/pharmacy has a pond with ducks right next to it, so it’s always one of our favorite errands!

IMG_8619 (1280x1280)

Saturday workout at Salt Shack – I loved the variety in this one! FYI: The Overhead Plate Carry is actually 100 Walking Lunges with an Overhead Plate Carry.

IMG_8650 (1280x1280)

Massaaaggeee – I’m still loving my membership to Massage Envy and had a glorious massage this week!

IMG_8557 (1280x1280)

New delicious Marylou’s iced coffee combo – I tried this flavor combination the other day and it was incredible!

IMG_8562 (720x1280)

Quinn’s first tie-dye shirt – How cool, right!? He made this at daycare last week!

IMG_8563 (720x1280)

My happy place: Scarlet Oak Tavern – This restaurant just makes me happy. I love everything about it… the atmosphere, food, drinks, service, all of it.

IMG_8564 (720x1280)

Happy birthday, Papi! Quinn and I texted some fun photos to Papi for his birthday the other day!

IMG_8585 (1280x1280)

Questions of the Day

Where is your happy place? 

Parents: What’s your strategy for grocery shopping with a toddler?

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