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Tips for Picking the Right Sports Bra + Moving Comfort Giveaway

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If you’re a long-time reader, you probably remember me writing about sports bras more than a few times over the years. I have a few tried-and-true favorites, but I’m always on the hunt for the next best one. I recently had the opportunity to chat with the bra team at Brooks about some new styles that were just released this summer (one of which I personally tried and reviewed below). They also offered a number of tips for picking the perfect sports bra since finding the right one is sometimes a little tricky, so I shared them with you guys below.

To celebrate the launch of the new Moving Comfort sports bras (FYI: Brooks owns Moving Comfort, who, in my opinion, makes the best sports bras in the business), I am giving away a sports bra of your choice to one lucky reader! Details below.



  1. Try on LOTS of different styles and sizes. You never know what you’ll like!
  2. Speaking of size, get professionally sized at a lingerie or department store before trying on sports bras, so you have a rough idea of where to start. Moving Comfort actually recommends getting professionally sized at least twice a year since women’s bodies tend to fluctuate so much.
  3. Related: Don’t get a specific style or size stuck in your head. All sports bras fit differently, so you might be a certain size in one brand, but a totally different size in another. Same goes with style. You might hate racerback styles in one brand, but love them in another. Basically, just keep an open mind about sizing and style.
  4. Know that the right fit is all about comfort. You want the sports bra to feel supportive, but comfortable at the same time. Your goal is to find the balance between the two.
  5. The bottom band of the sports bra provides a lot of your support. Think of it as the base of your sports bra. You want it feel secure, but comfy too. Pro tip: If you pull the sport bra’s straps off your shoulders, you should still feel really supported.
  6. Another pro tip that I found especially helpful: Look for a sports bra that makes you feel like you were missing something in your previous ones.
  7. Just like regular bras, sports bras have a shelf life. You shouldn’t be wearing ones from high school! Advice for making them last longer: Be sure to rotate wearing them, wash them inside a lingerie bag, and hang dry/avoid the dryer.


I had the opportunity to test out the Anyday, which I quickly realized is the most versatile sports bra ever. It’s super comfy, so I often wear it as a lifestyle piece– around the house, walking Murphy, and running errands. It has a soft, snug band and supportive fit against the body, which reminds me a lot of my favorite t-shirt bras, especially the smooth, clean silhouette. But, at the same time, the Anyday easily transitions to the gym and performs well during my workouts. It also has convertible straps for a customizable look, so I love wearing this sports bra with racerback tanks.


Frontrunner Racer

The Frontrunner Racer offers a sleek, seamless style that begs to be seen, offering lots of flattering shape. Its lightweight contoured cups enhance support and provide shape and modesty. The seamless knit provides soft, chafe-free comfort!



Are you a fuller-cupped woman who always has a difficult time finding a sports bra that fits? Embody is an underwire style with unparalleled comfort and control that allows you to feel more supported than ever before. This bra offers back-adjustable, bonded and padded straps that improve fit and enhance comfort. As if this bra wasn’t good enough, its sizing goes up to a G cup!



To enter: Just click over to the Brooks website, check out ALL of their sports bras (both new and old styles), and leave a comment on this post about which style you would most like to win. I’ll randomly pick a winner next week. Good luck!

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