Monday, January 18, 2016

Mango pina colada sm

Mango pina colada smoothie. Light and delicious & perfect for summer! Recipe via @megmclifford via Smoothies and Juicing Recipes

In the Name of Science: 4 Days of Meals & Snacks

what a runner crossfit mom ibd fighter eatsAs you guys might remember, I am participating in a study about how diet affects ulcerative colitis. I’m in the control group, so I’m just eating the way that I usually do. But since I need to track exactly what I consume four out of seven days of the week, I thought you guys might be interested to see […]

from Carrots 'N' Cake

Metabolism Booster J

Metabolism Booster Juice #energy via Healthy Juice Recipes

Great recipes for sm

Great recipes for smoothies via Healthy Juice Recipes

A miracle drink that

A miracle drink that helps you get rid of extra pounds while detoxifying your body via Juicing/Smoothies/Waters

A colorful and healt

A colorful and healthy anti-inflammatory smoothie made with mangoes and cherries. #antioxidants #smoothie via Smoothies and Juicing Recipes

Drink Your Veggies:

Drink Your Veggies: 13 Delicious Vegetable Juice and Smoothie Recipes | Serious Eats via Healthy Juice Recipes

Dear Mark: 21-Day Challenge Rapid Fire Edition

For one of the 21-Day Challenge contests last week, you guys asked dozens of questions. Today, I’m answering a bunch of them in rapid fire style including how to get kids to eat more meat and veggies, how to get adults to eat greens, whether keto can coexist with high-carb, if it’s better to eat seasonally […]

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Anti-Inflammatory Be

Anti-Inflammatory Berry, Watermelon, and Ginger Smoothie via Healthy Juice Recipes

Add Clean Protein to

Add Clean Protein to Your Smoothie by onegreenplanet via Healthy Juice Recipes

Great recipes for sm

Great recipes for smoothies via Healthy Juice Recipes

This creamy, healthy

This creamy, healthy 5 ingredient smoothie tastes like an Orange Julius and a creamsicle pop combined! via Healthy Juice Recipes


smoothies via Healthy Juice Recipes

go green. Instead of

go green. Instead of this smoothie, try juicing celery and cucumber into 4 oz of freshly squeezed apple juice (the amount from 1 apple) and watch the bloat go belly up via Healthy Juice Recipes

Blue Hawaii Smoothie

Blue Hawaii Smoothie | Walmart – Start the new year off right with this smoothie recipe that’s packed full of fruits and protein! The ingredients in this Blue Hawaii Smoothie are simple and a bit surprising. Pineapple and blueberries are the stars here, a small piece of ginger is added for flavor. The Light & Fit Protein Drink and Dannon Greek Yogurt give the smoothie a burst of nutrients as well as creaminess. via Healthy Juice Recipes

Blueberry kale peach

Blueberry kale peach smoothie Perfect for breakfast!!!. #smoothies #nutibullet #recipes snack . . . . Rules via Healthy Juice Recipes

Cinnamon Roll Smooth

Cinnamon Roll Smoothie! Taste just like a cinnamon bun shoved into a glass. via Healthy Juice Recipes

Avocado Mango Smooth

Avocado Mango Smoothie - Ingredients via Healthy Juice Recipes

4 Recipes For Delici

4 Recipes For Delicious Smoothies Which Have Anti-Cancer Properties via Healthy Juice Recipes

Contest: You Might Be Primal If…

The Prize: Bottle of Avocado Oil: More heat stable than olive oil and a wonderful alternative for those who don’t like the taste of coconut oil, PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Avocado Oil is perfect for searing, drizzling, sautéing, stir-frying and dressing. Use to make marinades, finish sauces, or even in lieu of butter for all your baking […]

from Mark's Daily Apple

5-Ingredient Salmon and Broccoli Stir-Fry

It’s frozen salmon to the rescue with this healthy recipe.

from Healthy Eats – Food Network Healthy Living Blog

Spicy Smoked Sweet Potato Hummus

Sweet Potato HummusI can’t wait to share this recipe with you guys! I often shy away from hummus due to the prevalence of raw garlic, but every now and then I make a big batch at home and remember how much I love it! Of course you can always add in as many cloves of garlic as […]

from Kath Eats Real Food