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JUICE RECIPE: * 1 beetroot * 1 carrot * 1 apple and * 1 lemon Choose organic and local where possible. Simply wash the ingredients but there is no need to peel them. Chop into chunks and chuck in a juicer. For optimum benefits it should be consumed immediately. It really is that simple! edf0fd9ffe0225e203f4da1ac7a64f11 via Healthy Juice Recipes

Frozen Green Smoothi

Frozen Green Smoothie System - A month of smoothies in one day! via Smoothies and Juicing Recipes

Watermelon Chiller w

Watermelon Chiller with a Hint of Mint via Smoothies and Juicing Recipes


Seagrams via Healthy Juice Recipes

Smoothies are a grea

Smoothies are a great way to cut calories, lose weight, and feel amazing! But there are certain mix-ins you can add that can seriously up the effectiveness via Juicing/Smoothies/Waters

Cantaloupe Juice | w

Cantaloupe Juice | www.kitchenconfid... | There's nothing more refreshing than an icy glass of sweet Cantaloupe Juice, with juicy bits of shredded melon! via Smoothies and Juicing Recipes

Duck Carnitas Tacos

Mexican carnitas are made from meat that’s been slow-cooked in fat. Usually, this means pork braised in lard. But duck legs covered in a thick layer of fatty skin are ideal for this sort of cooking. Not only do you end up with easy, really delicious duck carnitas, you’ll have a little extra rendered duck […]

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David Benson on the Perfect Health Retreat

David Benson of Duluth, Minnesota was a guest at the May 2015 Perfect Health Retreat. David kindly recorded a video for us discussing his experience at the retreat. Some highlights: “I’ve been having a great time. It’s been relaxing and …

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Stovetop White Cheddar Mac

This chewy macaroni and creamy cheese sauce will patch you up on the dreariest of the days.

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Testing the Insulin Model: A Response to Dr. Ludwig

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