Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How To Beat Sugar Cravings & Addiction For Good!

SUGAR is the most popular food additive. It’s everywhere! If you need help breaking your sugar addiction, I can help.  This is one ingredient that has been brought up to me many times that I haven’t spent a lot of time … Continued

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Liver Cleanse Cockta

Liver Cleanse Cocktail via Healthy Juice Recipes http://ift.tt/1XYWnam

Spinach and Berry sm

Spinach and Berry smoothie | •1 cup orange juice •1 cup frozen blueberries •½ cup frozen strawberries •½ cup frozen raspberries •1.5 cups loosely packed spinach via Healthy Juice Recipes http://ift.tt/1RElWel

Pot Roast doesn't ha

Pot Roast doesn't have to be boring! This Texas Roadhouse Pot Roast is PACKED with flavor. You will LOVE this! via Healthy Juice Recipes http://ift.tt/1RElWeh

DIY Blue Print Juice

DIY Blue Print Juice Cleanse: Juice Cleanse Shopping List {Blue Print Cleanse} 12 granny smith apples 3 red apples 14 lemons 3 limes 1 pineapple 3 pounds carrots 6 beets 3 English cucumbers 4 hearts of celery baby spinach 2 hearts of romaine 1 bunch kale 2 bunches parsley 1 bunch mint 1 hand of ginger 1 1/2 cups raw cashews cayenne pepper agave nectar and honey 1 vanilla bean cinnamon via Healthy Juice Recipes http://ift.tt/1RElVa6

Carrot Juice Cleanse

Carrot Juice Cleanser & The Health Benefits | Vegan Push via Juicing Recipes http://ift.tt/1RElWed

The Biggest Paleo Event of the Year: Paleo f(x) 2016!

Paleo f(x), my favorite holistic health and fitness event in the world, returns to Austin May 27-29, 2016! In case you missed it the last 4 years, Paleo f(x) is the Who’s Who gathering of the ancestral health movement. I’ll be giving some talks, and you’ll also be getting deep inside the brains of other world-class […]

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Slow-Cooker Cabbage, Potatoes and Bacon

One of the best ways to appreciate cabbage and potatoes is straight from the slow cooker.

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31 Detox Water Recip

31 Detox Water Recipes for Drinks To Cleanse Skin and Body. Easy to Make Waters and Tea Promote Health, Diet and Support Weight loss | Detox Ideas to Lose Weight and Remove Toxins diyjoy.com/... via Healthy Juice Recipes http://ift.tt/1T6b4sV

10 Tips For A Spa Mindset At Home

10 Tips For A Spa Mindset At Home // www.katheats.comI did a lot of thinking during my trip last week about what exactly was so calming about my visit to the spa. Obviously the setting was gorgeous. The cuisine was refreshing and plentiful. The massages and treatments were luxurious. But most of all it was a mindset. Everyone was calm. Robes were the choice […]

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Clean Eating And…… Eating

Today’s post is meant to help those of you who feel you could never truly survive on the smaller meals that many Clean Eaters enjoy. Grant it, we often eat 5 to 6 of them per day, but the meals are… Read more →

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Episode 310 – Brad Davidson – Recovery, High Performance, and Metabolic Reset

This week I talk with Brad Davidson about coaching and working with high performance athletes, recovery, digging someone out of a hole, how to maximize performance and health, appropriate nutrition for athletes, and more. Download Episode Here Guest: Brad Davidson Brad Davidson, Co-Founder, Author, & Performance Specialist at Stark, in Irvine, CA is a highly… Continue Reading

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Red juice made from

Red juice made from beets, grapefruit, and carrots via Juicing Recipes http://ift.tt/21yKzB3