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barkTHINS Mobile Tour (Win a Breakroom Transformation) + Giveaway

Good morning and a very HAPPY FRIDAY to you!

I have some fun and seriously delicious news to share with you guy this morning. Are you ready? barkTHINS is coming to a city near you!! 

barkTHINS are Fair-Trade ingredient certified dark chocolate combined with non-GMO project verified ingredients like almonds, pretzels, toasted coconut and pumpkin seeds for a completely original way to snack. Whether you’re looking for a mid-morning snack, afternoon energy boost or sweet after-dinner treat, barkTHINS snacking chocolate is the perfect sweet and salty anytime, anywhere snack.


The brand is on a mission to improve boring breakrooms and tasteless snacks throughout the country, so they’re launching a cross-country mobile tour with stops in 11 cities, where one grand prize winner from each city will receive an office breakroom makeover that includes a bunch of awesome prizes to “elevate” their snacking. No more settling for lackluster, low-quality snacks in the office! Listen to what your workplace can win: a 3-month supply of barkTHINS and other better-for-you snacks, a mini fridge stocked with cold-pressed organic juice, breakroom essentials such as serve ware, artwork, and productivity items, and a $250 gift card. Woohoo! Doesn’t that sound fun?! And, of course, you’d win some serious brownie points with your coworkers!

For your chance to win a breakroom makeover, just click here to select your city (or enter your work zip code to be directed to the right entry page) and upload a photo of your breakroom. Easy as that!


For those of you on the tour route, you’re in for quite a treat. Rumor has it the barkTHINS mobile event is quite the spectacle! Making stops in each city– in major areas, like Boston Common and outside World Trade Center in NYC– the tour essentially acts like a small pop-up shop where anyone can stop by and get free barkTHINS and other goodies. You can also follow the tour and share your #snackingelevated moments with the world on social.


And to celebrate the launch of the tour, I’m hosting a special barkTHINS giveaway for you guys! Check out all of the great goodies (pictured below) that you can win! barkTHINS galore! 🙂

barkTHINS_Tour-Giveaway-Items (1280x1124)

The barkTHINS prize pack (valued at $75) includes:

  • barkTHINS branded fair trade tote
  • 12 4.7oz bags of barkTHINS
  • barkTHINS branded T-shirt
  • barkTHINS tour accessories

To enter: Just click over to the Snacking. Elevated mobile tour webpage, check out if the tour is stopping in a city near you, and leave a comment about your favorite barkTHINS flavor and/or the flavor you’d most like to try. I will randomly pick a winner on Monday. Good luck!

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A Serious Challenge to the 2012 Low-carbohydrate "Metabolic Advantage" Study

Warning: this post will be a bit more wonkish than usual, because I need to get detailed to make my points.  To read a summary, skip to the end.

In 2012, David Ludwig's group published an interesting RCT that suggested a substantial "metabolic advantage" resulting from a high-protein, very-low-carbohydrate diet (VLC) (1).  In other words, this diet led to a higher energy expenditure relative to a normal-protein, low-fat diet (LF) over a one month period (a low-glycemic-load, normal-protein diet was in the middle and not significantly different from the other two).  Resting energy expenditure (REE) was slightly but significantly higher on the VLC diet, and total energy expenditure (TEE) was elevated by a whopping 300+ kcal/day!  I covered the study at the time, describing it as "fascinating" and "groundbreaking", and calling for the study to be replicated so we can be more confident in its unexpected result (2).

This finding has been used by Ludwig, Gary Taubes, and others to support the carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis of obesity, although there is no evidence that the effect was mediated by insulin, and also no evidence that it was mediated by reduced carbohydrate rather than increased protein (3).

Since I published that post, my confidence in the finding-- and particularly the common interpretation of it that reducing carbohydrate intake to a very low level increases REE and TEE-- has gradually been eroding.  This is partially because other studies have generally reported that the carbohydrate:fat ratio of the diet has little or no effect on REE, TEE, or fat storage (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Read more »
This post was written by Stephan Guyenet for Whole Health Source.

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Get in your daily water quota with this Fruit-Infused Water - 6 ways! From berries, to citrus, to cucumber and herbs, we've got you covered for refreshing drink recipes all summer long! via

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There is a way to treat yourself without poisoning your body with refined sugar, processed flours, corn syrup and other nasty ingredients found in most desserts! In all honesty, you can avoid these ingredients for the rest of your life and … Continued

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7 Summer Slaws That Put the Store-Bought Stuff to Shame

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from season after season of summer grilling, it’s that you should never underestimate the power of a good slaw to transform your meal. Crisp and cool, with a subtle vinegar kick, a fresh slaw can add great texture and flavor depth to almost any summer dish — tacos, burgers, and, most of all, pulled pork. On the other hand, if your slaw isn’t up to par, it can really drag a dish down. Pre-packaged coleslaw from the deli counter at your local grocery store may be convenient, but more often than not, you’re getting some wilted green cabbage swimming in a tub of watered-down mayonnaise and sugar. Next time you’re planning a picnic or cookout, try one of these healthy homemade slaws. We guarantee you’ll never go back to store-bought.

Fennel and Cabbage Slaw
Melissa d’Arabian combines purple cabbage with sweet, aromatic fennel and chopped bacon to create a crunchy and colorful summer slaw with just 1 gram of sugar per serving.

Gingered Coleslaw with Golden Raisins
If you prefer a sweeter slaw, take a leaf out of Geoffrey Zakarian’s book and try adding minced ginger and sweet golden raisins. That way, you’ll find yourself using far less table sugar.

Asian Red Cabbage Slaw with Peanuts
Play up red cabbage’s greatest asset — its crunch — by tossing a few crushed peanuts into your slaw for even more great texture. Spicy mustard, toasted sesame oil, soy sauce and ginger combine to create a robust dressing that’s low in sugar and fat. Pair it with chicken dishes and the ginger and mustard flavors will shine.

Coleslaw with Cumin-Lime Vinaigrette
The spicy, nutty flavor of cumin complements a zesty lime juice dressing in Bobby Flay’s quick, mayonnaise-free coleslaw recipe. If you really like it hot, add a few dashes of your favorite hot sauce and give it a stir before serving.

Healthy Chopped Slaw
This hearty slaw includes two kinds of cabbage — purple and green — plus a touch of carrots. But the secret is in the dressing: a sweet and savory mix that includes buttermilk, whole-grain mustard, pineapple juice and an array of spices.

Jicama Slaw
Lime juice, ancho powder and honey add tangy, spicy, sweet flavors to a crunchy jicama base. This slaw would be perfect with shrimp skewers or another sweet or spicy kebab.

Red Cabbage Slaw
In Bobby’s recipe, earthy-tasting red cabbage is imbued with floral, citrusy flavor from orange and lime juices plus basil and cilantro leaves.

For more homemade slaws, check out these recipes from our friends:

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Elephants and the Coconut Trees: Raw Papaya and Green Mango Slaw
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FN Dish: 8 Ways to Be in Awe of Slaw

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