Friday, May 5, 2017

Thoughts On A Thursday…I Mean Friday

My sister used to write “Thoughts on a Thursday” posts quite often. I don’t know if that is a general internet trend or something she invented, but I am doing my own version one day late.

Look at this cute boy at the dentist!! He loved getting to watch Spongebob. I also discovered that I have pediatric dental insurance that covers cleanings….two years after I got it. May I have my money back, please?!

This boy is not in shape! T and I didn’t do a whole lot of outdoor running in the winter, so I’ve been running in the beautiful weather more frequently. He LOVES to go running, but he naps all afternoon after we return!

Red Hot Blues and I had to take a break from our relationship for a bit. But then they called and asked me out and I just couldn’t resist! But the thing is, I’ve eaten more than my share two days in a row at lunch, so I think we are just not destined for love.

My BFF Sarah loves crystals and all things woo-woo. I passed her favorite store, Crystal Connection, the other day and took this pic while stopped at the light there. I sent it to her later that day doctored up with enthusiasm and just said “Thinking of you”. She said it was like receiving a personalized greeting card in the mail!!

I love fish and chips and recently picked up some breaded pollock fillets from Whole Foods. I had them for lunch this week and they were quite delicious!

Mazen and I went to the mall for a rainy day activity and he wanted to play the claw machine. I put a dollar in the machine and what do you know, it was broken! I don’t know who was more upset when the claw didn’t move: me or Mazen.

We had these Blue Apron empanadas a while back and loved them so much that Thomas bought the ingredients and made them again. For some reason, they took a lot longer to make the second time, but they were just as delicious!

Had one for lunch the next day over kale salad with extra filling tossed in!

I took Mazen to the library for Lego Mania! Needless to say, he loved it. Look at that concentration!

Yesterday’s lunch was an omelet-scramble mix. Spinach, cherry tomatoes, 3 eggs, dill, and cheese, sort of folded into one big omelet. With Red Hot Blues on the side!

Then I got my hurr did.

Caption: It’s one hour past bedtime.

Happy weekend!!

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