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What I’m Loving Lately 94

What a week! Holy cow, my head is still spinning. I’m so ready for my couch and a glass of wine. Let’s hope Friday flies by! With it being the end of the week and all, here’s the next edition of What I’m Loving Lately!

Wunder Under Crop (Hi-Rise, FULL-ON LUON 21″) – I heard that the Wunder Under Crops were THE best for both workout and lifestyle, so I just had to see what they were all about, and, guys, I’m in love! They’re so comfy and move so well during workouts. Love, love, love! Oh, and one quick thing about the length… the 21″ is perfect – not too long, but not too short either! 🙂

And, of course, the high waist is simply the best. It holds in everything! 😉

I’m also loving the Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew, which has become a staple in my wardrobe. I also own it in green and grey, so I have a nice rotation going! 🙂


FYI: My sunglasses are from Persol.

I also picked up this Just Enough Puff Vest for the fall and can’t wait to start wearing it once our Indian Summer is over! Super cute, right?

Whole Grain Cinnamon Crunch Bites – These look delicious, and I totally want to make them! 🙂

I Befriended My Troll – With everything going on in this world right now, Kath’s post made my heart so happy.

How to Refuel After a Long Run – If you’re training for a half marathon (or marathon) this fall, you might have some questions about how to properly refuel and recover from your long runs. Check out this post about how to calculate your body’s needs from Kelli, one of our Registered Dietitians on staff!

The Obesity Code –  I mentioned this book a couple of weeks ago, and I’m totally obsessed. I’m only about halfway through, but it’s making me question just about everything I’ve learned about nutrition and weight loss. I also heard its author, Dr. Chung, on a podcast this week. The interview only scratches the surface with regard to his theories/research, but I figured I’d pass it along for those of you who love podcasts as much as I do! Very interesting stuff.

#ButFirstWholeGrain Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway to win an awesome prize pack from General Mills Cereal. Here is your winner:


I’m eating cheerios everyday…especially pumpkin spice 🙂

Congrats, Amanda! Please email me at with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize! FYI: For those of you who asked where you can find Pumpkin Spice Cheerios, try Target! 🙂

Question of the Day

What book and/or podcast are you loving right now?

I’m always looking for recommendations and love sharing them, too!


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14 Super Probiotic Recipes to Realign Your Gut

The refreshing summer drink with peach in a jug and glasses on a wooden tableToday’s awesome post is offered up by Aimee McNew of Enjoy, everyone!

Bacteria outnumber cells in our body at a ratio of ten to one! Since the average human body has about 37 trillion cells, we literally carry around an astounding number of bacteria. Probiotics are the “good” bacteria that keep digestion working, skin healthy, and the immune system in check; they even benefit mood and mental health in positive ways. Bad bacteria will proliferate unchecked when good bacteria isn’t there to counter it, so eating a diet rich in probiotic foods is vital for gut health and overall wellness.

These 14 recipes all contain good bacteria. They’re so tasty—you won’t even feel like you’re eating a gut-boosting, therapeutic food!

#1 Detoxinista | Raw Sauerkraut

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.35.37 AM

Perhaps the most obvious answer for probiotic-rich food, sauerkraut is about as simple as it gets. Just a few ingredients and some time to ferment will yield a deliciously sour side dish that can be paired with just about anything. Bonus: it’s an excellent topper for salads.

#2 Fermented Food Lab | Nutrient Dense Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing

Eating salads filled with leafy greens and a rainbow of vegetables and fruits is a fabulous way to take in plenty of vitamins and minerals. Adding a dressing that feeds the good bacteria in the gut can take your superfood salads to the next level.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 10.32.02 AM

#3 Isa Chandra | Sauerkraut Mushroom Soup

If you’re not into eating plain sauerkraut, then adding it to a soup is the perfect way to tone down its distinctive flavor while getting other nutrients, too!

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.37.09 AM

#4 PaleoHacks | Kombucha

This fermented beverage uses green tea combined with other flavors of choice to produce a fizzy, probiotic-rich drink that for many is as pleasant as sipping on a favorite brew or ice cold tea. The best part about this recipe is that you can customize it to taste preferences, or change it up each time you make it!


#5 Mark’s Daily Apple | Naturally Fermented Dill Pickles

Dill pickles are one of those ubiquitous foods that pair well with main dishes, side dishes, or as finger foods on their own. I’ve personally been known to snack on them year-round, and totally ate a jar a day while pregnant.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.37.45 AM

#6 The Roasted Root | Lavender Kombucha

Want to take your kombucha to the next level? Lavender, often used in aromatherapy, is totally edible too. The flavor is sweet but not overpowering, and the soothing aroma can double as a vacation in a cup.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.45.01 AM


#7 Fermented Food Lab | Coconut Water Kefir

Water kefir is a great way to integrate probiotics into beverages with a less pungent flavor than kombucha.


#8 Paleo Leap | Lacto-Fermented Salsa

Fermenting your salsa is a creative way to get probiotics into your diet by replacing it with fresh salsa. Plus, you can mix up the flavors, add more or less spice, and otherwise customize this tangy, gut-friendly salsa.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.45.30 AM

#9 Detox DIY | Probiotic Beet and Red Cabbage Sauerkraut

A colorful twist on this gut-friendly dish, this one also throws in beets for an earthier ‘kraut that also has extra fiber.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 10.25.13 AM

#10 Hip Girls Home | Fermented Peach Vinegar Tonic

Apple cider vinegar feeds the good bacteria in the gut, and this is a flavorful twist on drinking the stuff plain. You can use other fruits, too!

The refreshing summer drink with peach in a jug and glasses on a wooden table

#11 The Kitchn | Beet Kvass

Another fermented beverage, kvass has similar benefits to kombucha and kefir, but is a great way to use beets. You can flavor this beverage with other herbs or spices.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 10.17.25 AM

#12 Paleo Leap | Lacto-Fermented Vegetable Medley

Not into cabbage? You can pretty much ferment any vegetable—and even some fruits—and it’s just as easy to eat the rainbow when they’re loaded up with probiotics as it is when they’re fresh.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.46.26 AM

#13 Simple Veganista | Kimchi

This spicy, classic fermented dish has some crunch to it, and might be more pleasing to palates of people who find sauerkraut difficult to get down.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 10.14.59 AM

#14 One Green Planet | Probiotic Cashew Yogurt

While this recipe does use probiotic powder as the source of good bacteria, this is an easily accessible, gut-healthy recipe for people who don’t want to ferment their own vegetables but who still want the benefits of homemade, probiotic goodness.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.46.52 AM

Thanks again to Aimee McNew of for today’s post. Comments, questions about ab workouts or any other facet of Primal fitness? Share your thoughts below, and have a great week, everyone.

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Have You Joined the Keto Reset Facebook Group?

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September 14, 2017

Have You Joined the Keto Reset Facebook Group?

By Mark Sisson


Group of Business Hands Holding Speech BubbleI’ve got more coming this morning, but I wanted to make sure folks knew about the private (and totally free) Facebook group I have going devoted to keto living. It’s taking off in big ways, and I don’t want you to miss this discussion!

My vision with the Keto Reset book and the Facebook community is to guide you through an evidence-based approach to keto, one that focuses on achieving maximum health, fitness, and longevity by combining a ketogenic eating pattern with the Primal lifestyle practices I have written about for years on Mark’s Daily Apple and in The Primal Blueprint.

Being fat- and keto-adapted (meaning you can efficiently burn fat and ketones for energy) is humans’ default factory setting, freeing you from carbohydrate dependency and the negative health effects that come with it. If you’re looking for an active online support community and expert guidance on how to harness the power of the ketogenic lifestyle without any dogma, gimmicks, or “bro-science,” join us on Facebook, and be part of the Primal quest to #liveawesome!


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I Befriended My Troll

The most bizarre thing has happened. I have become friends with someone I once viewed as an enemy. It all started with an email…

At the end of July, I received an email sending love and support from an anonymous reader — one who admitted she had been a “hate reader” in the past and wanted to reach out and ask for forgiveness.

I wrote her back right away:

Wow, this is not an email I get every day! Thank you for writing, and for stepping away from the dark side! …Sometimes I think if people like you met me in person they would chill out and realize that it’s their interpretation of me that is messed up – not me! At least that’s what I tell myself. I really am very nice and normal in person : )

We ended up going back and forth for several emails talking about what it’s like to be a blogger with people picking you apart, and eventually, when the time was right, I suppose, the writer revealed that she was actually the author of a snark blog that mocked me for several years. Her emaile ended with: “Whatever happens now, I do truly want to make amends however I can, and extend my apologies to you, Kath.”

I think she expected me to throw some harsh words her way, but that is not who I am. If someone offers me a heartfelt apology, I want to forgive them. The emotion I felt most of all was relief. Relief that this person who had hurt me in the past was choosing not to do so anymore. We emailed back and forth 26 times (I am not making that number up!) and asked All.The.Questions. I was curious more than anything else to know why and how she chose to write about me. We have been talking nearly every day since because, as it turns out, we DO have a lot in common.

(Except for our opinions on onions!) : )

I offered KERF as a platform for us to share this story, and for her to share her perspective as well. She offered the post title: “How To Apply The Squiggly Line Effect To Being A Bitch.” – HA!


Hi Kath, I want to introduce myself and offer my apology. I wrote the snark site that recapped your blog for two and a half years, poking fun at you and your life. I hurt you, repeatedly and anonymously, for overall pretty idiotic reasons, and I’d like to work to right that wrong, ask for your forgiveness, and be able to — both of us — make peace about it.

When I was offered the chance to write paid recaps, I took it immediately because, at that point in my life, I had the time to read your years of archives, I needed the money, and I had made it a habit, since I was a teenager, of never turning down jobs I “could” do — even when they were frequently a disastrous fit. I had never had the luxury to consider whether I “should” have done a job. And no job had ever asked me to nitpick at one person — who wasn’t even a sheriff or a Senator who actually has the power and ability to sway policy and affect the average person’s life — and to do so for days, then years, as though there were genuine danger that you might pull people to the dark side of sardine cups and Athletic Conditioning class.

Pretty flimsy rationale, wasn’t it?

But, as you now know, it gets worse. For the majority of the time I was writing these recaps, I was facing a situation alone in Los Angeles where a dangerous person was making it ill-advised for me to leave my apartment, and the only times I didn’t have to worry about him were the months he would end up in jail. I spent my evenings and weekends never realizing, as I do now, that the things I was writing probably made you afraid to go outside.

What’s sad in retrospect is that, when I would tell people about my day job in the entertainment industry, it made me so happy thinking about how childhood me would have been proud of adult me. I never thought about how childhood me would have viewed whinging about someone who’d never done anything worse than, gasp, make decisions — about what to eat, what to wear, who to work for, how to decorate her house, and where to go on vacation — others might not have made. Childhood me would have been impressed by my drive home, past the Warner Bros. water tower, and thoroughly unimpressed by finding flaws in someone’s writing and returning to it day after day. Childhood me would have told adult me to grow up. Childhood me would have been right.

It’s only been recently, after the deaths of my mother and several other people close to me, that I’ve started to think about the wreckage that some people leave behind for others to sort out, as frequently happens when they are dying and lashing out and can scarcely wrap their minds around their own mortality, let alone settling old, hurtful scores with the living. It is a somber, sad thing to watch people in pain inflict it on others and then die without trying to mend the things they’ve broken for reasons no one alive can figure out. I don’t want to be like that.

What I did was a waste of time, and something I should have been more mature than to waste my early 30s on. It’s not its frivolity that makes it a waste — we don’t all need to spend our waking hours on brain cancer and rocket science, and there’s much to recommend watching clouds and building pillow forts — but rather that I lashed out and acted out and harmed you by taking out my anger on you, by discounting your value as a human being, and by indulging negativity against someone who’s never hurt me or anyone I know. I found ways to justify what I was writing as though I were “punching up”, as though making a living in partial public view was as good as a digital “kick me” sign on your back.

There are people out there right now who support slashing funding for women’s health care in poor countries, who think we should do away with health care policies that provide hospice care benefits for terminally ill children, who support policies that prevent refugee boys and girls from making it to their American foster families. Those people would have a hearty laugh at the thought of me wasting so many productive years trolling your job because you had the audacity to enjoy eating oats and having “Survivor” contests with your girlfriends. They would LOVE to see more people strengthening their “meangirling” muscles on the internet like I did.

I don’t want to be a part of giving this kind of focused, critical, furious power to anyone who’s not actually a vicious, evil, creep ever again. I’m tired of pretending that “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” has an asterisk if you don’t like someone’s breakfast. I’d rather hold my time on earth in higher regard than to waste it anonymously judging someone who, by all sensible metrics, I should be prouder to have as a friend, not a nemesis. I wish you happiness, and gladly promise you won’t hear any grumbling from my bridge ever again. And I hope you can take me at my sincere, non-snarky word.


Your Former Troll


We thought it would be a good idea to share this story with the internet as a happy ending to trolling in a world where it sometimes seems like the internet is becoming more and more negative. The internet is made up of humans  humans who wake up and have a choice each day whether they are kind or rude online.

Treating each other with kindness, empathy, and compassion isn’t something you can measure on an Apple Watch and there’s no entry for it on a nutrition label, but — especially these days — maybe it’s one of the best exercises of all.

This post was sponsored by #forgiveness and #friendship.  


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