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His & Hers Athleisure + $200 Stitch Fix Giveaway

Hi, guys! Happy November! I have a fun blog post + GIVEAWAY for you this morning! 🙂

As you might know, Mal and I are huge fan of Stitch Fix and really look forward to receiving our monthly “fixes” in the mail. He loves fashion, and I hate shopping, so it’s a win-win for the both of us. I mean, stylish apparel, selected with our personal tastes in mind, arrives right to our front door. It doesn’t get easier or better than that!

When it comes to opening our fixes, it’s always a fun event, but Mal and I handle things quite differently.

I typically open my fix as soon as it arrives. I open the box, immediately look at the style card, pull out each of the items to get a better look, and then let the box sit untouched for a few days before I eventually try everything on and make some decisions – only because I know I’m running out of time and need to send back the unwanted items to Stich Fix.

Mal, on the other hand, waits days until he even opens the box. Not because he’s not excited about it, but because he needs to find the perfect time and right state of mind to make important fashion decisions.

Mal takes out each piece and then immediately tries it on. We always have “fashion shows” for each other to get the other person’s opinion, so, after he gets my take, he makes a decision on each article of clothing. Once he’s made his choices, he finally looks at the style card. Isn’t it funny how opposite we are with how we handle our fixes?


Top left to right:

EZEKIEL Cleveland Fleece Jacket ($78) – KEEP: Mal loved this bomber-style jacket for work. He plans to wear it over collared shirts in the colder months.

ORIGINAL PENGUIN Braylon Leather Sneaker ($80) – RETURN: Mal was pretty close to keeping these sneakers, but he ultimately decided that he already owned a couple of pairs that were similar.

EZEKIEL Hammond Textured Hoodie ($75) -KEEP: Mal loves hoodies and wears them all the time – at the gym, school, hanging out with friends, and lounging around the house. He loved that this one was more high-end than his usual hoodies.

TAILOR VINTAGE Nathan Heathered Baseball Henley ($59) – KEEP: Mal loves a good Henley shirt, so this item was an easy “keep” for his wardrobe.

ALTERNATIVE APPAREL Cole Cotton Modal V-neck Tee ($38) – KEEP: Mal has a ton of worn-out v-neck t-shirts that need to be replaced, so this one was definitely a keeper. It’s super soft!

Above: EZEKIEL Hammond Textured Hoodie // TAILOR VINTAGE Nathan Heathered Baseball Henley 


NOISY MAY Yasmin Open Back Detail Knit Top ($36) – RETURN: I was pretty close to keeping this top, but I wasn’t sure how much I’d really wear it (plus, it was handwash-only), so I passed.

T4T Emory Jogger ($48) – KEEP: The second I touched these joggers, I knew I wanted them in my life. They’re so incredibly soft!

ANDREW MARC PERFORMANCE Rosella Mesh Back Performance Legging ($50) – RETURN: I really liked these leggings, but they were too long. Whomp whomp.

MELLO DAY Josh Knit Top ($46) – KEEP: I immediately loved the style, color, and texture of this top. It’s so cozy, and I know I’ll wear it a ton with jeans and leggings.

KEDS Champion Novelty Lace up Sneaker ($55) – RETURN: I love KEDS, but I’m generally not a fan of sparkles, so I sent them back.

Above: MELLO DAY Josh Knit Top

Giveaway time!

Here’s your chance to win a $200 Stitch Fix gift card! 

To enter: Sign up for Stitch Fix, if you haven’t already, and fill out and/or update your Stitch Fix style profile (which is free!). Both existing and new Stitch Fix customers have a chance to win, including the special guy in your life! 🙂 Then, just leave a comment on this blog post telling me how you open your Stitch Fix boxes. If you’re a new customer, just let me know that you filled out your style profile. I will randomly pick a winner next week. Good luck!

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6 Ways Primal Types Can Observe Halloween

Inline_Primal_HalloweenI’ll take the holiday bait today. It’s true…with its emphasis on candy consumption, many Primal types feel lost on Halloween. They don’t know what to do with themselves.

The costumes are fun, and being with friends is always a good time, but how should they react to all that sugar? It’s a hard thing.

Luckily, today I have 6 ways you can observe Halloween while staying true to your Primal roots.

Do Some Ancestral Reenactment

Everyone knows, deep down, that going Primal is really all about re-enacting ancient hunter-gatherers. Personally, my mode of communication and utilization of Internet technology is a source of deep shame. I’d much rather cite PubMed entries while sitting around a campfire. If I could, I’d smash my laptop, renounce antibiotics, toss my toothbrush. That I cannot find the courage to do so is slowly killing me on the inside.

But I can’t. I’m in too deep. So I use Halloween as the one day out of the year that I can fully embody the paleolithic hunter-gatherer that yearns to burst free. I suggest you do the same. Put on a loincloth. Grab an atlatl. Contract a parasite. Live the dream, if only for one night.

Dress Up As Your Favorite Obscure Ancestral Health Community Celebrity

Sure, almost no one will get your costume. But when you meet someone who does, you’ll know you have a friend or lover for life. A few ideas:

Robb Wolf: Wear a jiu jitsu gi and a big broad smile; refer to everyone as “folks.”

Mark Sisson: No shirt, paint-on abs, and a frisbee.

Chris Masterjohn: Carry a cup of egg yolks, and hand out vitamin K2 capsules.

Bill Lagos: Blue blockers and a blow torch.

Peter Attia: Ride a road bike while wearing only a speedo and carrying a gallon bag of cashews.

Stephan Guyenet: Wear a peasant’s burlap tunic, and carry around a dinner plate containing boiled cabbage, boiled chicken breast, boiled potato.

Petro Dobromylskj: Dress as a molecule of palmitic acid.

Emily Deans: Doctor’s lab coat made of mammoth fur, stethoscope made of bone; hand out samples of magnesium glycinate and SSRIs.

Michelle Tam (NomNomPaleo): Carry an Instant Pot filled to the brim with Red Boat fish sauce.

Richard Nikolay: Naked, dusted with raw potato starch, with Bitcoin hash emblazoned in Sharpie across chest.

Give Out Healthy Primal Treats To Trick-or-Treaters

There’s nothing kids love more than healthy treats on Halloween. Some options that the kids in our neighborhood just love:

Teaspoons of Cod Liver Oil: Keep capsules on hand for kids with costumes that restrict mouth access.

Raw Liver Shake: Blend up some raw liver (beef, lamb, or chicken) with a little OJ and frozen blueberries. Serve in tiny, decorative Dixie cups.

100% Cacao Dark Chocolate: Everyone knows that kids love chocolate.

Kale Chips: Fill a big serving bowl with loose kale chips and let the kids grab as many as they like.

Mini Bottles of Natural Dry-Farmed Wine: Reduced alcohol content makes it perfect for minors.

Dark Chocolate Covered Brussels Sprouts: Fill snack-sized Ziplocs with 3-4 Primal “truffles.” Tell them to eat it quick before it melts!

Magnesium Oil Spritzes: Spray everyone who comes to the door. Tell the irate parents it will help their kids sleep, so they should thank you.

4-inch PVC Pipe Sections for Foam Rolling: As kids approach, be rolling out your quads as an example. Actual foam rollers are best but get rather expensive.

Single-Serving Kerrygold Butter Slivers: Just cut each stick of butter into 8 pieces, wrap in foil, keep in fridge, and hand out. Tell them it’s expensive and they should appreciate it.

Offer Lessons in Evolved Fear

In this Sunday’s Weekend Link Love, I linked to an article about the evolution of fear. It turns out that most of the things we innately fear, like snakes, spiders, heights, the dark, and deep water correspond to real dangers faced throughout the course of human evolution. Halloween is the perfect time to give a lesson on how it all works.

Gather three tarantulas, three black widows, two scorpions, one snake (ideally not venomous), 1000 fly larvae, two bats, and assorted cobwebs and other bugs. Set up shop on the edge of a rocky cliff. The possibilities are endless.

Rail Against the Sins of Sugar Consumption On the Busiest Trick-or-Treating Corner

Now’s the perfect time to change hearts and minds. Dress in your Sunday best, grab a big sandwich board sign, and scrawl quotes from Gary Taubes and yours truly. Wear the sign and hit the busiest trick-or-treating street near you.

Hand out printed out copies of “The Definitive Guide to Sugar.” Have the article on sugar alcohols handy in case you get into nuanced discussions.

Tell kids that “Sisson saves” and “Gary loves you but hates the sin.”

Burn a pile of granulated sugar in the street. Make sure it burns, rather than turns into delicious caramel.

Hand out stevia packets.

Go On a Candy Bender

It’s Halloween night. Your kids are down for the count, having eaten their nightly allotment. Cleaning up, you come across a Baby Ruth candy bar. It used to be your favorite one. In your heyday, you’d go through five King-Sized bars every week. How long has it been?

You’re doing so well. You just read The Keto Reset and finally beat that stall you hit a few months back. The weight’s flying off, and by the looks of it appears to be almost all lost body fat. Your wife’s even taken notice. You feel her eyes all over you, lingering in the best of ways.

One can’t hurt…. You unwrap it, take a bite. You take another. And another. It’s gone. You’re on to the next one.

You hit the chocolates first. Snickers, Kit-Kat, Milky Way. Then the fruity candies: Skittles, Starbursts, Sour Patch Kids, Sweet Tarts. Then the weird stuff you hated as a kid. candy corn, Twizzlers, Tootsie Rolls. You don’t care anymore. You eat it all.

Your child’s stash exhausted, you move onto the drug stores. CVS is selling fun-sized Three Musketeers for a buck a bag. You don’t even like nougat, but you buy out the store anyway. That’s the last thing you remember.

Three months later, you have no teeth. Your insulin is so high you can feel it. All the weight’s back on, and more. You stumble to a pay phone and dial your house. A stranger picks up. “There’s no one here by that name.”

Well, that’s it for today. If you’ve got any other ideas for observing Halloween as a devoted Primal type, share the joy below.

Thanks for stopping by today. Happy Halloween, everybody.


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Honeymoon: Part Two

This post is sponsored by Princess Cruises and SheKnows Media


If you missed part one of our honeymoon with Princess Cruises, click here!

We dressed up for formal night and found a deserted deck to take some photos. The setting (other than the killer breeze) was absolutely gorgeous. Nothing but miles and miles of ocean and sky with a sun setting in the distance.

We crossed the ship, paused to watch the sunset (so many sunsets!)

And headed to one of the on-board restaurants called SHARE by Curtis Stone. Unlike the more formal dining room, SHARE was designed to look like a swanky modern restaurant. I loved the ambiance! There was a nominal cover charge to dine in SHARE as well as the other two speciality restaurants, Salty Dog Gastropub and Crown Grill, a seafood and steakhouse. We found this to be well worth it for a change of scenery and menu.

We had wine and six courses – from cheese and olives to gnocchi to seared trout, pork tenderloin, and dessert – toffee cheesecake! I loved the creative variety, and it was lovely to have a change of scenery.

The next morning we did a simple room service breakfast since we had an early excursion departure. I had cereal and milk with fruit!

Soon we had pulled into port at Mazatlán!

We hopped off the ship and boarded vans to a resort for cooking and dancing!

I don’t think I have ever had a margarita that early in the morning before!! But when in Rome…

We made homemade ‘ritas, and then five kinds of salsa plus guacamole!

I loved that we had choice of ingredients and style (obvi we left out the raw onions). Our salsas turned out quite well!

After our class and a short salsa lesson, we hit the pool and the beach for a little R&R. Since our class had been outside, we were all sticky and sweaty and jumping in the pool felt SO refreshing!

Likewise, after we were back on Ruby Princess, we took a dip in the pool. It was still very hot in Mexico! Check out how the pool can overflow to the deck to avoid spilling onto the deck in the ocean waves!

The views when we left Mazatlán were just stunning!

And with that, we set sail for Cabo San Lucas!

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Clean Eating Cinnamon Butternut Squash Fries Recipe

This clean eating cinnamon butternut squash fries recipe makes a fabulous snack! Particularly for this time of year!

And the best part? You can totally find these types of cut veggies all pre-cut for… Read more →

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