Friday, November 3, 2017

Success Story Follow-Up: At 70-Years-Old I’m On a Roll!

What Does The Fox Say?

Hiiii guys! With all of the wedding, honeymoon, and recipes posts, I feel like we haven’t hung out in forever! I have so much life to share.

Backing up to my birthday!

I went to Zocalo with a group of friends to celebrate. Between the 9 of us, 5 of us got the yummy pepper! It was a hit. If you come to Cville, get this pepper! It’s stuffed with black beans, cheese, and corn, rolled in crushed tortilla chips, served over smoked tomato grits and drizzled with a cilantro buttermilk sauce. Every bite is just divine!

Thanks to my sweet friends for all the fun! I wore this new top I got on my bday shopping trip. I’m loving all the cold shoulder styles. (Although, can I admit that my shoulders were cold?!) I also got this Lou & Grey super warm cowl top so my shoulders will be fine this winter.

We’ve been enjoying the pumpkin theme all week.

Pumpkin oatmeal:

Pumpkin pancakes on Halloween:

Pumpkin carving last weekend:

(Thomas did the mummy!)

We’ve been celebrating fall in other ways too. Sarah and I went hiking on a gorgeous crisp day.

I’ve been burning fall candles all week. Pure Integrity Candles sent me their Pumpkin Pie flavor to enjoy. Their soy candles have 50% more fragrance than the average candle and the smell lasts through the entire burn. The Pumpkin Pie candle is great! I can smell it in my living room when it’s not even burning. The company is family run, and I love that the jars aren’t covered with stickers.

On the lunch front, I’ve been making lots of bowls.

Chicken thigh, chopped kale salad, avocado, Dietz and Watson goat cheese:

Sarah and I went to the new Elements Hot Yoga studio location at Stonefield and had Mezeh bowls afterwards. YUM!

And finally for dinners – we did a Blue Apron box and had three awesome meals.

Barramundi with squash and couscous:

Honey fried chicken with sweet potatoes and kale (LOVED THIS!):

Meatballs with broccoli and brown rice:

Have a great weekend!!!

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