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Is the Autoimmune Paleo diet bogus?

Our modern information age is at once awesome and terrible:

Awesome: Science and academia are no longer just for Ivory Tower elites. Anyone, just about anywhere, can read, interpret, and provide constructive criticism of research, nearly as it is being published.

Terrible: The human tendency to form tribes and to attack anything that is not part of their tribes’ doctrine is put on steroids in the largely anonymous online world. New ideas are seldom analyzed for mechanistic merit. They are looked at through the lens of “consensus” which often seems to be a kind of Orwellian NewSpeak amounting to: Industry influence and Academic Inertia that cock-blocks curiosity and common sense.

The online world is an interesting balancing act of Citizen Scientists doing N=1 self experimentation (which ideally then drives review paper, pilot studies and Randomized Controlled Trials, RCT’s) juxtaposed with folks who make absolutely outrageous claims that defy the Laws of Nature.  

There is absolutely a need for vetting, but curiosity has been replaced by a smug attitude generally wrapped in august trappings called “skepticism.”

In the past 20 years of suggesting that the Ancestral Health model might have much to offer, it’s been interesting to observe the nearly religious fervor on the parts of both supporters and detractors of various ideas.

Science does inch along and the video below looks at a paper recently published on the Autoimmune Paleo protocol.

It is NOT the end, it’s the barest of beginnings, but it is quite promising.

In addition to unpacking that research I do my best to place it in the proper context of where the AIP approach is with regards to scientific investigation. I use the Mediterranean Diet as an example of how this process occurs and make a bit of an interesting discovery along the way. I also recently interviewed the study authors and you can check out that podcast here

tl;dr? (or in this case didn’t watch? Here are some juicy take-aways:

1-This pilot study looked at people with active (medically documented) gastrointestinal disease with and AVERAGE of 20 years.

2-The 6 week pilot study saw all participants not only finish the trial, but they also experienced complete remission in disease symptoms.

3-The misapplication of the Mediterranean Diet concept may be at least partially implicated in the increase in non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

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Healthy Holiday Stocking Stuffers List 2017

When I was little on Christmas morning, I always looked forward to opening my stocking. I’d find it filled with fun little toys and candies that I loved. Now that I’m all grown up and a parent of my own, I’m really getting that magical feeling again this holiday season. I cannot wait to watch Harley grow up over the years and see the excitement in her eyes on Christmas morning too.

Of course she isn’t eating candy now, but as she gets older one thing I won’t be putting in her stocking are any of those holiday candies filled with high fructose corn syrup, TBHQ, artificial colors and GMO ingredients. Big brands like Hershey’s, Ghirardelli, Mars, and Nestle have been guilty of this! Thankfully there are much better options available nowadays.

Below you’ll find some of my favorite stocking stuffers… everything from candy bars, to toys, to spa-day treats. Many of these would also make great gifts for your neighbors, your mailman, and all the other people in your life that you want to show appreciation for.

Ask Santa to stuff your stocking with goodies like this…

Creamy organic truffles… a great replacement for those Lindt Truffles full of artificial flavors!

Fun holiday-themed organic chocolate bars or a 4-pack of some of the yummiest organic chocolate bars around. 

Organic candy-cane lollipops instead of those made with artificial dyes and GMOs!

Melt in your mouth organic mini chocolate peppermints… these are soooo delicious. 

Scandinavian bite-sized bars with absolutely no added sweeteners: 20% off with the code FOODBABE here!

Fresh-baked homemade cookies… who doesn’t love this?!?! 

Brownies or Cookies-In-A-Jar… a fun gift for a neighbor or co-worker!  

Get them started with gardening with this simple Garden-In-A-Can set! Take 20% off your order with the code FOODBABE at checkout here

Spark their imagination with these creative wooden toys… non-toxic and fun! 

Adorable and cuddly… organic stuffed animals and blankets

Pamper yourself with sweet-smelling peppermint lotion and organic pure castile soaps

Natural dry brush to buff the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system… makes your skin super soft and is healthy too! 

Soak in a tub full of these lavender mint bath salts with natural sea salt crystals and essential oils… so relaxing! 

Simple and basic… organic liquid coconut oil makes the BEST natural makeup remover. 

Mix up some Homemade Peppermint Sugar Scrub: 1 cup coconut palm sugar, 1/2 cup melted coconut oil, and 8-12 drops peppermint essential oils.

Convenient thyme oil spray to sanitize your hands when dining out! 

Simple olive oil moisturizing soap… a favorite at my house! 

Keep chapped lips away with this organic chapstick set made with almond oil, jojoba oil, and hemp oils. 

Safe deodorant that smells great without hazardous chemicals or aluminum… great for athletes or anyone who spends a lot of time in the sun! Take 20% off with code FOODBABE here

Class pass to a studio or gym… Almost everyone has that yoga studio or workout class they have been meaning to go to. 

Journal with a dedicated first page handwritten by yourself… for the creative person in your life! 

Personally curated recipe book… print out your favorite recipes and assemble them in a handmade cookbook. A small photo album makes this easy. Make sure to title your book and give it a personalized cover! 

Organic Himalayan Raw Honey… the first honey with the Glyphosate Residue Free certification label! 

Powerful superfoods like organic goji berries and chia seeds. Get 10% off organic maca powder with the code FOODBABE here… great at reducing stress! 

Glass straws for sipping lemon water and green juice. 

A copy of my book, The Food Babe Way, for anyone in your life that’s still eating processed food.

Organic tea gift set… free of harmful pesticides and chemicals! 

Potted indoor plants such as little succulents, bamboo, or air plants that are easy to care for. A pot of fresh herbs would be amazing as well! 

Grow your own food at home with these organic seed packets

I hope this helps you create Christmas memories with your loved ones! Did you see anything on this list that you’d love to find in your stocking? Share this list and you just might get what you’ve been hoping for. 



P.S. If you are looking for even more Holiday Gifts – Check out my Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for 2017 too!

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Ancestral Sleep Breathing

Why The Gracious Pantry Is In Danger Of Closing (And Many Other Sites You Love Are Too)

Dear Reader,

Today, myself and many other bloggers are taking a break from our usual content to take a stand and fight for your right to access our sites.


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Soup Day

Mazen was given this book by his teachers last Christmas, and it’s a cozy bedtime read! The story is about a little girl who helps her mom make a vegetable soup on a snowy winter day. At the end of the book there is a simple soup recipe. Every time I read it I get a strong craving for a brothy vegetable soup!

No, I didn’t adopt a little girl. That’s Sylvia, Mazen’s best friend. She was over for a play date and I thought it would be fun if they helped me make the soup like the girl does in the book. All Mazen wanted to do was play fort, but Sylvia was into it!

We read the book together and got started.

She was excited for me to take her picture while she washed the veggies just like the girl in the story. Maybe I should swap kids with Sarah for a few days! : )

I got her set up with the zucchini and a dull knife to do some slicing. She went very slowly but eventually got through all four zucchini! When Mazen came in to see what we were up to, Sylvia said to him: “I can’t play now, sweetie, I’m cooking.” LOL – I wonder where she learned that!

Mazen had a change of heart and joined us for a while, but then he got bored and went back to Batman games.

100% kiddo chopped!

Meanwhile, I was grown-up chopping everything else with a very sharp chef’s knife.

Sylvia went off to play while I did the hot parts in the big pot.

They were both excited to try the soup and suggested I light a candle and dim the lights for their dinner. (Hence the awful photo color – it was dark in there!) I topped their bowls with cheese, but they both did a great job trying all of the vegetables. The red peppers were the biggest hit and the mushrooms were left in the bowl, sadly.

Thomas and I had bowls of our own later on. We topped them with pita chips and sour cream!

I don’t think I’m permitted to publish the recipe, but it was a simple broth with lots of fresh vegetables and pasta stirred in. Very similar to this minestrone of mine from years back!

What’s your favorite soup recipe? I want to make one a week all winter!

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