Monday, May 7, 2018

And All That Jazz

Hi friends! Boy we got quite the dose of spring all at once last week and into the weekend. Everything bloomed, pollen was everywhere, and I suddenly felt like a walking allergy medicine commercial. I have no idea if I actually have a cold, if pregnancy “swollen passageways” is contributing, or if I’m just having the first case of bad allergies I’ve ever had, but I was feeling all the runny, sneezy symptoms this weekend.

On Friday I met friends on the ACAC roof for breakfast smoothies and quality time before the weekend began.

These had a little of everything: frozen berries, frozen mango, banana, spinach, milk, cottage cheese, and Vega Coconut Almond.

After a cycle class, I went home to reheat some chili and cornbread for lunch. This meal was so satisfying, and I didn’t feel hungry again until dinner.

Dinner was a special date night in with Blue Apron! We made these potato flake-covered pollock filets with sweet potato fries and a zucchini salad. Delicious!!!  I just loved the potato flakes in lieu of breadcrumbs on the fish. Must find some!

The reason for our early dinner in was that I bought tickets to see Chicago at Charlottesville High School! I promised you last weekend I wanted to see more of the arts, and I looked up shows when I got home from Hillsborough to find that the timing was perfect to go to Chicago this weekend. The students did a wonderful job! Chicago is one of my favorite musicals.

After the show, we went out downtown with a group of friends. Bar hopping pregnant isn’t exactly something I want to do often, but I had some miracle energy and this VIRGIN flight of margaritas at Zocalo was just what I needed! I didn’t miss the alcohol one bit.

I did stay out a little too late (it was great to catch up with friends) and thus I was pretty tired on Saturday morning. I can’t sleep in, and so I was dragging a little. You would have thought I had a hangover – haha.

We scooped up Mazen for soccer practice at 9.

Getting some pointers from a pro!

We surprised Mazen was the ultimate treat after soccer – a giant box! You would have thought we’d spent $200 on a Powerwheels or something.

He made a house a home.

He and our neighbor played all day together, including a truck game for a while.

Meanwhile I squeezed in a nap, and had this delicious sandwich on a brioche roll for lunch. Plus an apple!

T sang to the grass

And I prepared pimento cheese tea sandwiches for a Derby party.

Sylvia came over before we left for the party and helped Mazen get dressed up. I found them in our room checking themselves out in the big mirror : )

I took another quick shower and brought out some of my grandmother’s jewelry (Apple Watch not included – haha)

We headed to the party which was packed with kids, big hats, and lots of apps! I had some chicken, a few mini sandwiches, ands lots of veggies dipped in pimento cheese for dinner.

We bet on horses, as usual. The McDermott’s have a great betting set up!

Sadly we lost our $20 as our horses didn’t make the top 3 spots.

After the race we went home to put Mazen to bed. I was asleep by 9:00!!

On Sunday morning Thomas made our favorite baked eggs. Delicious!

We had a low-key Sunday. It was a cloudy day, but it was warm and green so we didn’t care! SO glad spring is here!

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