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Favorite Not-So-Healthy Childhood Snacks {Weekend Recap}

Hi, guys! I hope you had a lovely weekend! 🙂

Ours was really nice – lots of family time and plenty of FUN! We were busy, but not crazy-busy, which was the perfect balance. I hate it when we have TOO many plans, but I also don’t like wasting away the weekend doing nothing. I mean, you guys know me… I can’t sit still for too long, so some sort of adventure or activity is always welcome! 🙂 Anyway, here’s a recap of our weekend!


Friday evening was pretty low-key for us. Mal and I needed to finish the photo shoot for my “Shorts That Don’t Suck” blog post because it got rained out the day before. (FYI: I’m planning to publish the post tomorrow!) We were kind of scrambling to take the photos and pick up Quinn from school, but we managed to get him pretty early. Maybe it’s a Mumma thing, but I always try to pick him up early on Fridays. I just miss him so much during the week.

Back at home, we kicked off the weekend with a little happy hour action – we needed to test out our Cabo Caliente recipe for Cinco de Mayo the next day. It turned out great – just click over to my IG feed for the recipe. It’s definitely going to be the “Drink of the Summer!” 🙂 Please note: Quinn eating a lemon in the photo below. 🙂

After happy hour, we ate dinner, got into our “movie suits,” and then snuggled on the couch while watching The Boss Baby, which was really cute – definitely a kid movie that adults will like too!


We were up and at ’em on Saturday morning! Quinn was rocking 6:30 AM wake-ups for while, but we’re back to 5:30 AM (or earlier). Now that the sun is up at that hour, it’s not soooo bad, but still… I’d like to sleep in someday! 🙂

We did our usual CrossFit followed by Coffee Shack morning adventure. This time, though, we took our time and grabbed a table. We usually just run in, but we relaxed, ate our donuts/egg sandwiches, sipped our iced coffees/milk, and caught up with some friends who were there too.

After that, we ran a few errands at Target and Trader Joe’s and then headed home. It wasn’t quite lunchtime yet, but I was starving. I only had a couple bites of Quinn’s donut and Mal’s egg sandwich, so my stomach was definitely grumbling! I dug into a bag of Sweet Maui Onion chips from Deep River Snacks. The flavor kind of reminds me of FUNYUNS from my childhood. Remember those onion-flavored rings? At the time, I didn’t know (or care) about the ingredients, but knowing what I know now, I haven’t eaten them in decades!

One of the reasons I love Deep River Snacks is because they believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor when buying a better-for-you snack. That’s why their fun kettle chip flavors use only real, simple ingredients – no funny artificial stuff. In fact, the base of their chips is just potatoes, sunflower oil, and sea salt, and the flavors are all natural and taste OUT OF THIS WORLD. If you haven’t tried Deep River Snacks yet, keep your eyes open for them in-store and you can always purchase online.

A little while later, we ate lunch together and then Quinn went down for his afternoon nap – he needed to rest up for our Cinco de Mayo festivities at our friends’ house! I actually didn’t take too many photos at the party – I just wanted to disconnect and enjoy my time with our friends. It was such a fun night – there was so much delicious food and so many laughs! We’re really lucky that we have such awesome friends! 🙂


Once again, Quinn and I were up and at ’em with the sun. Mal went to run with one of his buddies, so Quinn and I took Murphy for a morning walk around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful morning and such a nice way to start the day! 🙂

After that, we headed to “Touch-a-Truck” at South Shore Vocational High School. It was a great event, and Quinn was initially into it, but lost interest fairly quickly.

He was much more into picking Dandelions and playing in the dirt! 🙂

Whatever makes him happy, right? We still had a fun time – photo below by Quinn!

After Touch-a-Truck, we headed back to Target to return a rug and then home to eat lunch. After lunch, Quinn went down for a nap while Mal and I got our lives together for the upcoming week. He went to the dump and did some yard work while I did some food prep and finished up the laundry for the week.

We only had a small grocery shopping this week because our freezer and cabinets are packed full of food, and I wanted to use some of it up instead of buying more.

People always ask me how we save money on groceries. My favorite rule of thumb: OVERBUY when your favorites are on sale (meat, fish, pantry staples) and UNDERBUY the rest of the time. You can always dip into your freezer/pantry stash if you run out of something – just be flexible with your menu! Otherwise, you risk wasting food (and money) if you buy too much. This works really well for us – we save money and we don’t waste food!

On the agenda for dinner this week:

  • Bacon-wrapped chicken thighs with roasted broccoli and French fries
  • Instant pot chicken artichoke antipasto (recipe testing for CNC)
  • Shrimp stir fry
  • Gnocchi with veggies
  • Blue cheese turkey burgers

Our evening concluded with baking a batch of sugar cookies with sprinkles for Quinn’s teachers. Of course, our little Cookie Monster wanted to taste his creation – I don’t blame him! 🙂 FYI: It’s Teacher Appreciation week!

Question of the Day

What was one of your favorite not-so-healthy snacks from your childhood?

I also lovvveeeed Little Debbie Snacks. I used to put them in the freezer and then eat them – SO DARN GOOD!

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