Thursday, November 8, 2018

From Cake To Tylenol

If you’re following on Instagram (I’m sorry blog news is always a few days late!) you’ll know that the visit with my parents started out like this ^^ celebrating my dad’s birthday with our favorite cake from Foods Of All Nations.

And ended like this, sick in bed all day.


Dad and Thomas came down with a fast and furious stomach bug, and the next day I had a fever all day and felt pretty crummy. Thankfully, I was spared the GI symptoms. Gosh that would have been extra bad. We think Mazen had it too because his appetite was nonexistent the two days before but he never complained of a sick tummy and seemed fine otherwise so we figured he was just overstimulated. Mom hasn’t gotten it (yet?) and we were all very thankful that she was well enough to bring us ginger ale, medicine and toast. Everyone was quarantined to their rooms, and I was worried that B would get it the whole time. My parents left this morning feeling much better. The timing of this with a newborn was awful, but I kept reminding myself it could have been much worse if I’d be violently sick or Birch had caught it and had to go to the ER. I didn’t leave my bed yesterday, but I’m feeling much, much better today.

Prior to The Sickness, we had a nice visit with my parents.

My mom brought chili and mac and cheese and we ate Thomas’s smoked pork shoulder for leftovers.

Mom and I eventually made it out into the world and went to Green Bean Baby Boutique so I could look through some of their nursing clothes. They stock a lot of Boob Design, and they all have an amazing feel! Very high quality fabric. I love the flip up top. I’m hoping to write a post at some point about my new “uniform” inspired by Young House Love’s Sherry’s post. Boob top, Align pants.

Mom and I stopped into Feast to pick up lunch. Birch woke up and we did a little car nursing before heading home!

But this kale salad and turkey and brie panini totally hit the spot!!

We gave B his first water bath (he did not cry!) That’s Mazen’s hand. He was excited to lather Birch’s hair.

And we went on a few walks around the block. Look at this little jacket! Doesn’t he look thrilled!? (Before anyone says anything, I know not to layer bulky clothes under the car seat straps for automobile rides. This was just a calm stroller walk.)

Post sickness oatmeal – just what the doctor ordered.

Talk soon! I still need to write up that birth story….

from Kath Eats Real Food

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