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Keto and Pregnancy: Is it ok to lose weight?

Hey folks! One of our Keto Masterclass students had a great question related to keto and pregnancy, specifically, is it ok or advisable to lose weight or set cals at a maintenance level. Here is that original question:

Hey Robb, So my husband and I just started the program and then today I found out I am pregnant. I’m going to follow your advice and make sure to track all food to make sure I’m eating enough, but I’m also wondering if it is okay to be in a deficit as I am still 30% body fat. I am hoping to lose a little body fat but maintain a healthy pregnancy weight. Just wondering what you think (or what your wife thinks). I refuse to get fat while pregnant! But I want to use my head and stay healthy.

This is a great question and I did a short video to tackle this:

I reached out to my good friend Lily Nicols RD who has been on the podcast and is a genius with all things pregnancy and gestational diabetes. Here are the links we mentioned in the video:

Real Food for Gestational Diabetes

Real Food for Pregnancy

Episode 269: Lily Nichols—Gestational Diabetes 

Gestational weight gain and pregnancy outcomes in obese women: how much is enough?

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The Ultimate Work Space

Hi, guys! Happy Thursday!

Our sweet boy was up and at ’em at 5:30 AM this morning. He walked into our bedroom and immediately flipped on the lights. Oy. I was sound asleep, so I was so confused when I saw him standing next to the bed staring at me. Ha!

Once I figured out what was going on, we headed downstairs to keep Mal company while he ate breakfast. I immediately poured myself a glass of iced coffee mixed with hazelnut iced tea. <— I planned to have an iced coffee after my workout, so I started the day with a half and half. Too much coffee (even decaf) *might* be related to some of my acne breakouts. I’m still trying to put the pieces together by keeping a journal of my symptoms.

Breakfast was a rice cake with peanut butter, banana, and cinnamon. Easy. Simple. Delicious.

Once Qman and I were ready for the day, I dropped him off at school. He gave me the biggest and best hug before I left, and, my gosh, it was tough to say goodbye this morning. After spending a week with him on vacation, I’ve missed him so much this week. Ugh, it hurts my heart just thinking about it. Sorry, I don’t mean to complain. I know we’re lucky to have a flexible schedule, but, man, I’m missing him this week. I’m definitely going to pick him up early from school today. Sorry, tangent. Anyway…

Now that we have a “homebase” for Designed to Fit Nutrition (and Nutrition House Software) within KFIT, I really have no excuse for NOT working out. Our office is literally feet from the gym and I can shower afterward, so there’s no extra time needed for commuting and I can get right to work after my workout. It’s basically the best work-life situation ever. I truly don’t think I could ask for a more perfect work space. And, hey, pink barbells.

Today’s workout was short and sweet. I used #75 for the Push Press and finished around 15 minutes.

Post-workout snacks: Protein ball, blueberries, and iced coffee mixed with vanilla protein powder.

Now, it’s time to get to work! Enjoy the day, friends!

Question of the Day

What’s your ideal work situation?

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