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Dear Mark: Vitamin B and Lung Cancer, Folate Stability in Liver, and Less DNA Damage on No Produce

Fueled By Soda Bread

Soda bread: My favorite bread of the year! I waited too long to go over to Great Harvest to pick some up. I should have been eating it all month!

On Friday night, ACAC had one of its Friday Fitness Mixers with a duathlon, apps, and drinks. Here’s me after sprinting two miles wearing like 5 layers of jackets due to windy, cold temps!

I shed my outer layer for the indoor cycling part. We biked 6 miles as fast as we could – and, boy, was it hard! I was out of breath the whole time. We had a leaderboard where we could track our bike number, speed, and distance, so it made it really fun to try to pass people and stay ahead of other bikers. The duathlon ended with a final sprint mile, and I was so tired at the end!


Luckily Lynsie and the VIE team had prepared St. Paddy’s themed apps for us, like this amazing corned beef and cabbage with a Dijon cream! I had a few of those.

After the event, we headed to Three Notch’d with a group for more substantial food and drinks.

Rehydrate x2!

Thomas and I shared a pretzel bites.

And having already eaten some apps, I went with the Cheddar Potato Ale soup, which was SO good!

Sadly, the UVA game brought most of us to tears on Friday night. Let’s not talk about that.

On Saturday morning, we were up and at ’em to head to Mazen’s first soccer practice of the season. We fueled up with oatmeal and coffee.

It was freezing and it’s always windy up at Darden Towe, so I was bundled head to toe.

Afterwards we went to Great Harvest for Irish Soda Bread!

For something healthy, I made us spinach and berry smoothies to go with our toast.

Since we had rainy, cold weather, we decided to go to the movies that afternoon. We saw A Wrinkle In Time. I wanted to love it, but I just didn’t. It was just a little too cheesy for us. But the costumes and settings were beautiful.

We went to Wegmans next to stock the fridge for the week. And then back at home we had leftover BBQ chicken with hot bar potatoes and green beans for dinner.

I may have bought the Peeps Oreos at Wegmans! They are REALLY good! I was surprised that the texture wasn’t actually the spongy Peeps texture, but it didn’t disappoint. The filling was a bit crystallized with sugar and a little more flavorful than traditional Oreos.

We charged through two episodes of Handmaid’s Tale after bedtime. It’s so sad and so good!

On Sunday morning, I woke up to this sweet note from Mazey.

And brought Play-Doh breakfast on the couch. The brown bits are bacon!

Our second course was two kinds of toast – Blueberry Swirl and ISB! I couldn’t decide between the two.

And our third course was a mini spinach and cheese omelet.

Mazen went to Matt’s for the afternoon, and after a bunch of household chores, we got ready for adult soccer. T had a game at 1 and I had one at 2. I had a bunch of peanut butter pretzels and a banana before the game and this berry smoothie after!

We had a low-key dinner of leftovers, watched golf, and finished the Handmaid’s Tale!

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The (Affordable) Jeans You Need in Your Life

Hi, guys! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? I shared a little recap of Friday night with Quinn and then Saturday was kind of a blur. We did our usual “gym day” followed by coffee and donuts and then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening hanging out at home – nothing too exciting to report. We woke up on Sunday without any plans, but the day ended up shaping up into quite a fun one! Here’s a little recap.

Qman and I were up and at ’em, bright and early, at 6:30 AM on Sunday morning. (People, someday I will sleep past 7:00 AM. I just know it.) We played with his new “Serpent Sword” as well as his drill set, which is still a top favorite since receiving it for his birthday last year. I mean, it IS pretty fun! 🙂

About an hour or so later, I made us breakfast – French toast sticks, apple slices, and milk for Quinn and a rice cake with mashed banana, ground flax, and almond butter spread on top for me.

When Mal was awake, we took a family trip to Stop & Shop for some groceries.

This kid. <3

On the drive home, I received a message from some friends about going out to lunch, which immediately sounded like a great idea to us!

A few hours later, we met them at The Fours for lunch. I ordered the “Ray Bourque” sandwich on gluten-free bread – sliced corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing. Yummmm!

Lunch was quite the fun Sunday outing! Can we talk about their matching outfits? 🙂

After lunch, we headed home. Quinn went down for a nap, Mal went out with friends, and I did some meal prep, which if you hop on Instagram Stories right now, you can see what I made for the week! 🙂

When Quinn woke up from his nap, we took Murphy on a walk around the neighborhood. It was pretty cold outside, but sunny – I really hope Spring is on its way!

FYI: Some colors of my winter coat (pictured above) are ON SALE right now!!! I paid an arm and a leg for it last fall, but now it’s basically half price. Maybe I need it in blue, too? 🙂

FYI 2: My jeans (also pictured above) were just $64, and I’m obsessed. Actually here’s a better photo (below).

I usually spend a ton of money on jeans (like $200) because I know I’ll wear them a lot and want the best quality possible, but these ones are just as nice and soooo affordable at $64. My black slip-on shoes are also a steal at $49, and they’re insanely comfy – like walking on clouds! 🙂

Question of the Day

What are your favorite brand of jeans?

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