Saturday, March 24, 2018

3/18: Fitness & Eats for the Week

Hi, guys! Happy Saturday! 🙂

So, I totally slacked on taking food photos this week (whomp whomp… P.S. Quinn said this the other day, and it was hilarious), BUT I have a whole bunch of CrossFit workouts for you to try. It was definitely a CrossFit-heavy week. I went 4 days in a row, so, by Friday, I was more than ready for a rest day, which, if you’re following the Open, means I didn’t do 18.5. And, truthfully, I’m totally okay with that! I’ve actually done that workout in the past, and it’s awful. It’s basically a longer, more painful Fran. #hardpass Anyway, it’s time for another edition of Fitness & Eats from the Week!


Sunday: Off

Monday: CrossFit

I went to the 5:15 AM class, so this workout felt all sorts of terrible. Thrusters at #65 just never feel good, especially at that hour of the day. It was still a great workout, and I finished 5+5.

Tuesday: CrossFit 

Wednesday: CrossFit

This was such a fun partner workout – I’d definitely do it again! Save this one!

Thursday: CrossFit 

This “easy” workout was actually much harder than expected. My buns were so sore from the row the next day!

Friday: Off

Saturday: CrossFit

This workout took our threesome about 30 minutes to finish, but there was definitely a lot of rest time. This workout would have been awesome with just 2 people – next time!


This week’s food obsession: Tahini dressing on everything!

Post-fashion show eats and drinks at The Met Bar: Salmon and Tuna Tartar + a dirty vodka martini with olives. FYI: I should have a fashion show recap coming next week! 🙂

My new favorite iced coffee combo: 1/2 decaf hazelnut + 1/2 pecan sticky bun from Coffee Shack. YUM!

Quick and easy breakfast: Blueberry grain-free waffle with mashed banana, ground flax, and almond butter.

Question of the Day

Did you do 18.5? Thoughts? 

What’s up for the weekend?

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