Monday, March 26, 2018

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Short Trip To Short Pump

Hi from us! On Friday afternoon, we went swimming with Nona (Thomas’s mom) and then showered up and walked to Mono Loco for dinner. It was a fun way to kick off the weekend!

We had worked up quite the appetite swimming, so we chowed down on this chips. Love the flour ones!

I had a Spice-A-Rita – it’s the best!!

I had a stuffed pepper for dinner, which was good, but it wasn’t as good as Zocalo’s!

On Saturday morning, we couldn’t find Mazen (although we heard him moving about downstairs so we knew he was there and safe) and Thomas finally heard a knock from inside the vanity and Mazen had been hiding inside. Crazy boy! No idea where he got the idea to start the day in there.

We snuggled on the couch for a bit before I made a huge family pot of oatmeal.

I stirred a little hot cocoa mix into Mazen’s for a chocolatey delight. I think I may have set the bar high, and he’ll ask for this every single time now!

Mazen’s soccer practice was cancelled this weekend, Thomas wasn’t playing golf, so we had a clear Saturday. We decided to drive down to Short Pump for some weekend shopping!

Quick stop at Bodos for bagel sandwiches during our trip.

It’s about an hour drive to the biggest shopping area you can imagine with every. single. store. So close but so far!

We are actually on the market for a new upstairs couch, specifically one that is better suited for lounging encased in a stain-proof fabric, so we went to Crate + Barrel and Pottery Barn to consult with the experts.

We looked at the Lounge II and Verano II at Crate + Barrel. We thought the Lounge II was just a little too cushy and wanted something with a bit more structure. The Verano II seemed to be a better-made sofa (and it is also a bit more expensive). Both come in chaise-on-the-left options. We don’t want a giant sectional, just a small sofa with a chaise extension on one side. We’d have to do the Traxx Lake blue-ish fabric if we went with the Verano.

At Pottery Barn, we liked the PB Comfort Roll Arm in Memory Foam. We can do the chaise option here too (similar to this minus the back on the side), and I like that we can opt for a washable slipcover in the magical stain-proof Sunbrella fabric. We’d go with Pebble in either the Slub Tweed or Boss Tweed. I have samples of both and I’m going to mush a melted chocolate chip in them and see if it comes out!

One thing’s for sure: we’ll be waiting for a sale for either purchase. I hear PB has a great Memorial Day sale, so our couch upgrade didn’t happen this weekend and is still probably a few months away.

Snack attack:

After we wrapped up at the Town Center, we headed over to Lidl, a grocery store that had emailed me a while back about a visit.

Lidl is unlike any other grocery store I’ve been in – it’s sort of Costco meets Trader Joe’s meets World Market. They had a combination of good prices, European brands, and interesting products – even some housewares. The chocolate selection was on point, and we picked up a variety of dark chocolate bars!

We had planned to head back to Cville by late afternoon, but time totally got away from us, so we decided to get an early dinner at Mellow Mushroom right across from Lidl.

As KK would say, “I could use a good salad!” This Greek salad was amazing. Loved the dressing.

We ordered a Kosmic Karma pizza and a pepperoni, mushroom, and green pepper pizza, which was accidentally dumped onto our table upon serving! We didn’t care though because we were able to salvage most of the slices. We ended up getting a second pizza brought out (which we took home) and both pizzas for free. Great customer service on Mellow Mushroom’s part.

We dipped into our Lidl chocolates on the ride home. 🙂

Sunday morning blueberry pancakes:

We watched coverage of the March for our Lives Saturday evening and Sunday morning, and wish we had made it back in time to go to the Pavilion for ours, which was the plan. We are 110% against guns in this house. The speeches the girls made in Washington were very inspiring. I hope the 3+ million high school graduates they mentioned gaining voting rights will register and vote to help turn the tides on this outdated legislation.

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