Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What Happens “After Keto”?

Midweek Quick Cooking: Earl Gray Keto Latte

Seas The Day

^pretty sure I’ve used that title before :mrgreen:

It looks beautiful out there, but boy is it cold! Mazen doesn’t seem to mind. Actually those tide pools heated by the sun are warmer than the air!

We’ve been having a great time with plenty of sunshine though.

Breakfast on Monday was Cheerios with banana and almond butter.


Followed by a scooter walk with mom and Mazen. The roads here are just perfect for wheels of all kinds! Wish I had some Rollerblades….

We’ve been having simple sandwiches for lunch each day. This one was toasted bread with turkey, havarti, tomato, pickle (the key!), mayo and mustard.

We spent the whole afternoon freezing at the beach. There was a cold wind off the water, and we kept adding layers until we gave up. It was still so nice to be out in the salt air! We ended up at the Shoal’s Club pool, which is actually heated, but not quite warm enough for me to want to swim.

We took showers and headed up to the Harbor for dinner at Mojos.

Big boy dressed himself again!

Sheltered from the wind, we decided to sit outside for dinner. We had a round of hushpuppies and beers.

Thomas and I shared a fancy mahi dish and fish and chips. We had a big side of green beans to add some nutrition to this plate of fried food 🙂

For dessert: hot chocolate lava cake split 5 ways.

Tuesday morning I had a yogurt with granola before heading out on a run.

I headed straight for the beach!

I walked along the water before heading inland again and covered about 3.5 miles total.

The entrance to Marsh Onward is so much prettier with our new lighter couches and refreshed pillows and rug.

Lunch: Sandwich. Chips. Grapes.

On Tuesday the wind had died down and it was warmer! We had a glorious few hours at the beach. Mazen played in tidepools and made us sand-pies for dessert.

We had a taco bar for dinner that night with local grouper and mahi and all the fixins.

Ice cream for dessert!

Sea you soon!

from Kath Eats Real Food