Friday, April 13, 2018

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Spring In My Step

I am almost out of spring titles, I promise! But MY GOSH, I had a spring in my step yesterday with warm, sunny air all around. We’re having a glorious few days of good spring weather!

I demolished this jar of Smooth Operator. Need another asap! In contrast to the Whole Foods PB we’ve been getting for a while that has a very earthy taste, this was just classic smooth, non-gritty peanut butter that we all grew up with (but made without trans fats). I couldn’t get enough! Many of you responded to my Instagram Story that it was your favorite! I made overnight oats inside with granola on top, and scraped every bit!

I had a really productive work day yesterday. You’d think that cloudy days would have me inside and productive and sunny days would have me wanting to play hooky outside, but sunshine fires me up! I got so many posts written, and have a bunch in the queue I’m excited to share.

Lunch break was a big arugula salad topped with some leftover fish from Tuesday night’s dinner. Plus candied walnuts and bleu d’auvergne – the absolute best salad topper combo! Oh, there was some leftover zucchini in there too.

I worked until 3:30 and then set out on a quick short run, showered, and then walked downtown for a Tom Tom Founders Festival Event! My Apple Watch says I covered just shy of 6 miles total.

The Seventh Annual Tom Tom Fest is happening all week and this weekend. There are so many great cultural, tech, and mind-expanding events plus lots of music, art, and food! I wish there was this much going on all the time!

Sarah invited me to a talk on Life After Death moderated by John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) with a panel of really smart academics from UVA’s Division of Perceptual Studies.

The case studies the panel told us about as part of their research were fascinating. Near death experiences, children who have memories of past lives who remembered impossible facts, and other examples of cases where consciousness may have continued on after the physical body was considered dead. This article details some of the NDE background Dr. Greyson spoke about, and this incredible story features Dr. Tucker and the boy he told us about last night who who claimed to be a Hollywood actor.

In the spectrum of the topic, I’d label myself a strong skeptic. But the stories they shared were compelling. There has to be an explanation though! I am confident in 100 years (give or take) we will know the answer. Just like 100 years ago if someone had gotten a text message they would have thought it was something supernatural (assuming they stumbled upon a cell phone.) They couldn’t imagine cell phones, or predicting the weather, or bacteria causing disease, or the internet back then – and these invisible things are now a fact of our modern lives. I bet scientists will continue to uncover the truth about many of our unexplained events. (I bet those darn electrons have something to do with it!)

Sarah had to jet off to her kids and Thomas was off at volleyball, so I had a little solo date night. I went to Tilman’s, a new-ish cafe serving wine, cheese, salads, snacks, and sandwiches. The menu looked so good! I wish I had gotten a shot from the outside looking in because the decor is very cute, and there is a pretty marble bar in the back.

Having had a big salad for lunch, I settled on the Fig & Prosciutto panini with a side of tomato soup for dinner.

Both were excellent, but I particularly love the soup with the croutons on top!

I put a podcast in my ear and people-watched my heart out.

I stopped by Matt’s on the way home to say hi to Mr. Mazen. <3 We are lucky to live so close by.

It was a gorgeous evening!

Have a great weekend you guys.

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