Monday, April 23, 2018

A Busy Weekend With The Tiny Human

Happy Monday, friends! Quinn and I had quite the weekend together. Mal was away, so it was just the two of us and we ended up staying quite busy!


I picked up Quinn from school on Friday afternoon, and we headed straight to Target. The kid is obsessed – I mean, aren’t we all? He loves looking at the toys. And, this time, I let him get one – a new Transformer, and he was so excited! When we got home, he said: “Let’s open up this bad boy!” Haha!

At home, we settled in for the night. We ate dinner, Qman took a bath, and then we got into pajamas for a movie night – complete with Quinn Popcorn, of course! 🙂

We snuggled and watched The Secret Life of Pets, which, if you haven’t seen it already, is the cutest movie ever. I’m so glad Quinn picked it – it’s definitely an adult movie too. Although, we had quite a few interruptions with Murphy barking at the dogs on TV. He’s ridiculous. #puglife


We were up and at ’em on Saturday morning! We did our usual CrossFit thing followed by smoothies from Rosa Farms. We also got some dino gummies for Cousin Matthew. It was Quinn’s idea, which was really sweet, but I’m pretty sure he wanted some for himself too! 😉

Before we left, we made sure to say hi to Clover. FYI: If you want to see Clover when you’re at Rosa Farms, just ask one of the employees to get her from the back. 🙂

After that, we headed home and waited for Cousin Matthew and my family to arrive. Quinn was so pumped – he thinks Cousin Matthew is the coolest! We played inside for awhile and then headed outside to the backyard. It finally warmed up to 50+ degrees, so we were all itching to get out and enjoy the weather!

Quinn and my niece Karli were hungry for lunch, so we headed inside to make the kiddos some food. While they ate, I whipped up a quick salad with chicken for the adults. It was one of those salad packs from Target (chopped kale, cranberry, pecan with a honey mustard vinaigrette), and it got rave reviews from both my sister and brother-in-law. The chicken was from ButcherBox, and it was already cooked up, so lunch came together quickly. I also broke out a few bags of Deep River Chips for everyone to try since we’re obsessed with them. They have so many fun flavors, and everyone (kids included) loved them!

With April coming to an end, I wanted to take a minute to reiterate that Deep River Snacks is more than just a bag of chips. Their mantra, “Because We Give A Chip” sums it up perfectly – they give a chip about making the best tasting chips, from simple, wholesome ingredients, and are committed to giving back to charities and causes that are meaningful to them. Like you saw in my previous post, Deep River Snacks is super committed to giving back. You’ll find a different charity on the back of every bag and they donate 10% of net profits to these and other charities each year. Amazing, right? Next time you see their chips in-store, grab one and see what charity is on the back or you can purchase online. Also, check below to see if you won the 6-month supply of chips from Deep River Snacks! 🙂

After lunch, we headed out for a walk around the neighborhood with Murphy. It was such a nice day, we needed to take advantage!

During our walk, the tiny humans got a bit tired (and cranky), so when got home, we all said goodbye. It was definitely nap time!

Quinn ripped off a solid nap and then was ready for more adventures! On the agenda: Home Depot, which is another top favorite of his! 🙂 We had some landscapers come the day before to do a “spring clean-up” and we needed to water the “grass babies” they planted, but our hoses needed to be replaced, so we took a trip to Home Depot.

Quinn had the best time watering!

And then we painted pots for our herb garden – it was quite the happening Saturday night!


We had a nice leisurely Sunday morning. Quinn slept in until 6:35 AM and then cuddled in bed with me for another 15 minutes, so it was nearly 7:00 AM by the time we went downstairs.

Once we got ourselves ready for the day, we hit up Trader Joe’s to do our grocery shopping for the week. Then, we met some friends at the playground!

The playground was a lot of fun, and we stayed there until lunchtime. Back at home, we ate lunch and then Quinn went down for a nap. He was exhausted after our playdate. While he slept, I did some meal prep for the week.

When Quinn woke up from his nap, we took Murphy for a walk around the neighborhood. It was such a beautiful day. We played outside for a little while and then watered the grass babies again.

The weekend ended the way it started with another trip to Target. What can I say, we both love it there! 🙂

Giving A “Chip” Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered to win a 6-month supply of Deep River Chips! They’re seriously the best chips ever!! Here’s your winner:


Dance and cheer outreach events that my teams put on in underprivileged communities. Events are free and meals are provided and we try to keep them within walking distance. Kids have an opportunity to learn from college cheerleaders and dancers and get to experience extracurricular activities that they would not otherwise have access to. My teams benefit too from resume building, public speaking, and sharing what they love with others.

Congrats, Amy! Please email me at with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize.

Question of the Day

How many times per week on average do you go to Target?

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Dear Mark: Phones in Bedrooms, Antidepressants, Pastured Egg Omega-6 Content

Oh Joy!

Thank you so much for all of your enthusiasm for our baby announcement on Friday! We had so much fun doing the photoshoot. Let me answer as many questions as I can!

I’m due October 22 – smack in the middle of birthday week! My sister and Thomas’s brother were both born on Oct 18, and I’ll be 36 on Oct 26. It will be fun to see when the baby comes! Mazen was a week late, but maybe this one will be right on time. There’s going to be a blog baby boom that week because Jenna is two days behind me and Ashley is just a few days behind her! I know of a few more announcing soon too! It’s been fun to chat with them during the first trimester. : )

I’m 14 weeks along today, so I’m beginning the second trimester. I do plan to share how the past 12-ish weeks have gone, but I’m saving that for a separate post because there is too much to type! I can summarize it by saying this pregnancy has been very similar to my pregnancy with Mazen: all day nausea, Unisom + B6, a million food aversions, lots of cheese, no salads, and fatigue. Thankfully I’m feeling much better!


Little baby at 10 weeks!

We had ultrasounds at 6 and 10 weeks that showed a healthy baby and genetic testing (because I am now an old lady aka “advanced maternal age” and it was covered by insurance) and that’s how we found out the sex. We had the doctor write “boy” or “girl” and put it in an envelope and took it to Sarah Cramer’s studio. After Mazen and I had had so much fun with confetti there a few years ago, I knew confetti was the perfect gender reveal! I bought these cannons online and we arrived with both pink and blue. Sarah opened the envelope and handed us the appropriate color. It was such a wonderful way to find out! I honestly did not care if we had a boy or girl since I would be equally as excited to have a brother for Mazen and re-use all of my boy stuff and to try out all the new stuff with a girl. But Thomas and Mazen were both on Team Boy, so when the confetti came out blue, we were all thrilled. I’m happy that they are so happy!

We had one cycle in between our miscarriage and conceiving this baby, so we were very lucky to get pregnant again soon. I’m sorry if it feels like I shared the miscarriage not too long ago. Honestly I didn’t feel mentally ready to share about our loss until I had another baby on the way, so that’s why the timing feels a little smushed. I had to follow my heart on when to share, and I wanted to share that story separately instead of putting it at the beginning of this one.

Because of our miscarriage, we were both very guarded this time around. I refused to let myself get too excited until our first ultrasound at 6.5 weeks, and even the weeks after I tried to focus on other things (aside from feeling like crap all the time). We didn’t tell Thomas’s family until 8 weeks and we told my family at 11 weeks on Bald Head. Of course, I can’t keep a secret, so many of my friends knew early on, especially those who know I love a glass of wine. By the time I shared the news with you guys, most of Charlottesville knew (or could tell by my rounded belly, which has started getting double-take looks).

When I told Thomas about the baby we lost, I shared the news with a book of dad quotes. (This one!) He gave it back to me “for next time” when we went through the miscarriage, and I had it tucked away. So, when my test turned positive this time around, I could not contain my excitement so I simply put the book on his pillow at bedtime. He figured it out right away, but like I said, we were both more guarded having been through an early loss, so we just hugged and smiled and said “Let’s hope this time we bring home a baby.”

We told Thomas’s family when we had dinner at their house a while back. Yes, it was the night of the “Family” cake, but no, that had absolutely nothing to do with a baby! Eileen had gotten that cake not knowing. She just loves her family! I was so mad that some of you guessed I was pregnant because of that cake because it was not intended to be a hint! 🙂 Since this is Thomas’s first biological baby, they are all over-the-moon excited.

We told Mazen the morning we left for Bald Head, knowing if we’d told him any sooner the whole world would know. We had been talking about babies for weeks, and one day he said: “Mommy I want a baby brother!” I replied with, “OK, I’ll get to work on that sweetie!” He paused and with a funny look said: “What do you mean you’ll work on it?” Not ready for the baby-making conversation quite yet, I just stalled, during which time he said “Well, I know how babies are made!” Another long pause on my end, “Oh really?” I replied….. “Yes, you pray to God and he puts the baby in there!” LOL!!!

So, he said a prayer and for the next few weeks we would listen to my tummy to see if anything was happening. He told me in the gym locker room that my tummy was in fact growing (thanks Mazen!) And so it didn’t come as too much of a surprise when we presented him with the ultrasound pictures the morning we left for Bald Head and said, “We went to the doctor so he could look inside and there IS a baby in there!” He seemed plenty excited. Since then he’s been talking about his “baby brother” a lot and has been collecting trinkets to give to him when he comes (a free fidget spinner pen being the most recent gift)!

I love to surprise my mom, so we had several phone calls during the first trimester where we talked about *when* I would get pregnant again. Of course she didn’t know I already was! When we got to Bald Head we had a belated birthday present for her to open: a box with Easter Peeps (her favorite) and a dozen of our wedding napkins.

I had the ultrasound photo tucked in between them so when she lifted out the Peeps she saw it and jumped a mile into the air!

BUT the surprise was a little spoiled by – you guessed it – Mazen! When we got to the island I reminded him “DON’T TELL GRAMMIE ABOUT THE BABY!” He went with Grammie and Pea in the golf cart while Thomas and I took the tram with our luggage. My parents said that within a minute of their departure he turned to Pea and said (with Grammie just out of ear shot) “Pea, we have a surprise and we CAN’T TELL GRAMMIE! Mommy is having a baby and it’s coming out in October!” My mom overheard the October part and had a suspicion. But she said she was still plenty surprised to see the ultrasound picture! Sweet Mazen didn’t realize the surprise was for Pea too!

I sent a similar package in the mail to my sister up in NYC, which she received on Easter night after coming home from a weekend trip. She was excited and said she had a feeling because I had been less chatty than usual on voxer.

And now everyone knows! I’m sure some of you guessed, as I have already had friends text me asking because there are whispers in the wind. I’m so relieved that I can blog authentically again, as I always hate hiding anything from you guys.

I guess the last question I’ve been pondering is whether or not to bring Baby KERF out from hibernation or write about everything here. I didn’t take detailed notes like I did with Mazen, and I also don’t intend to do daily pregnancy writing like I did last time, so I think I’ve decided to let BERF be and just write updates here on KERF as they arise. I’ll probably just stick to a first trimester recap and maybe monthly recaps, also writing about topics as they come up. KERF is much more about life than it was 6 years ago when I was journaling every meal, so it doesn’t feel as weird to me to write about pregnancy over here now. I love having BERF to look back on because I wrote in such detail with Mazen, but poor second babies never get that kind of attention. : ) I might update BERF with some photos or posts along the way, but that will be more for future reference than news since I’ll share them here first. Since this post was a million words long, clearly I do still have a lot to say!

Did I miss anything?!


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