Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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Follow Your Cravings

I missed my weekend recap and feel like I have so many photos to share! First off – the above and below are the same breakfast, same dog, two different mornings. Both were strawberry banana yogurt bowls with granola and almond butter.

Thank GOODNESS salads sound good to me again! In fact, I’ve been craving them like I’ve been on an indulgent vacation for 8 weeks. Part of that is the warmer weather, but I’m coming out of two months worth of food aversions, and it feels so good to be craving healthy food again.

This salad was brown rice, massaged kale, red pepper, blue cheese and avocado.

I had a lunch date on Monday with my friend Emily and got a delicious prosciutto, fig spread and mozzarella panini with a side salad. Ate every last bite! (PS. I have to look up how to spell prosciutto every durn time I write it. I can’t seem to remember if it’s a C or an S and can’t seem to remember that it’s BOTH!)

Of course Mazey and I have been satisfying our cravings too. Kohr Brothers cones on a warm day!

I’ve been getting that second trimester energy and found myself eager to go to Afterburn on Saturday. Chris was teaching at 9, and he rarely teaches AB when the sun is up so I had to go. The class was amazing except for the fact that I couldn’t walk for two days after because my calves were so sore from all the vertical jumping! During the first trimester I felt so fragile and did not want to do much bouncing around, but I craving it now.

My favorite pre-workout snack:

Thomas was craving a cake and baked us one over the weekend! We’ve been chipping away at it ever since. It was a mix I had on hand plus a homemade buttercream. YUM!

We’ve had hot dogs for dinner a few times lately. I buy the organic Applegate ones and enjoy them on whole wheat buns. Mazen claps when dinner is served these nights!

It’s so hard to tell what cravings are due to my change in hormones and which are due to the warmer spring weather. Burgers on the grill with green beans:

Spotted at Target!! I haven’t done any baby shopping yet out of superstition, but I do need a random assortment of new things since it’s been so long since I had a newborn. Mazen still loves his swaddle blankies, so I think the new baby will need his own set. How cute are these!?

Bought at Target while on a trip with my mother in law! Note how the back of the panel goes down and cross-crosses in the back. This must be the new trend in maternity wear. It definitely makes a difference in how well they stay up, and it’s much more comfortable to just have the panel in the front. I am still able to wear my high-rise Athleta 7/8 tights too.

Eileen also bought me these cute green jeans, two pairs of shorts, and several tops at Motherhood Maternity. I feel like my maternity wardrobe is all set now! I did a full Stitch Fix Maternity unboxing on Instagram Stories. I saved it in my profile for a bit if you missed it!

And lastly, we had fun at the Dogwood Festival over the weekend. Mazen had a blast on the rides!

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