Thursday, May 10, 2018

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You Can Never Have Enough Avocado Toast

Hi, guys! Happy Thursday! 🙂

Just wanted to pop in real quick with a “day in the life” blog post since I feel like I haven’t done one in awhile. I’m making some fun behind-the-scenes changes over here, so I’m hoping to bring them back a little more often. Plus, I heard you guys enjoy them the most! 🙂

This morning started like most do: Iced coffee mixed with “iced tea that tastes liked coffee” and collagen followed by breakfast, which was some leftovers from the fridge. We’re off to Vermont to tomorrow, so I’m trying to use them up. In the mix: Parmesan Roasted Fennel with sliced chicken sausage.

After that, I did 1 of 2 sample collections for a Women’s Fertility Test. You take one blood sample at the start of your cycle and then one in the middle. (FYI: We’re NOT trying to get pregnant – just trying to figure out my hormones.) The nice people at EverlyWell sent me this test as well as their Food Sensitivity Test to try out. The Food Sensitivity Test just had one sample collection, which I did last Friday, and I ALREADY received the results. I can’t believe how easy and FAST the whole process was. Some of the results matched my LEAP results, but others were totally different, so now I know NO IDEA what to think. I just hit up all of my Registered Dietitian friends and plan to send Kristen a message later, so we’ll see what it all means.

After that, I got Quinn and myself ready for the day. I dropped him off at school and then headed to my friend’s house to get my hair colored. The grays were out of control! I shared the photo below on Instagram and received a bunch of questions about the hair dye since I’m trying limit my exposure to crazy chemicals. I don’t know of any natural dyes (besides henna), but I figure if I’m only coloring my hair a few times a year, it’s probably not that bad. I’m more worried about everyday exposure, ya know?

After my hair appointment, I had a meeting and then headed to Rosa Farms for an iced coffee and lunch. I actually ended up having 3 slices of avocado toast. It was so good and the gal making them didn’t want to waste the rest of the avocado, so I just ate what she made for me. You can never have enough avocado toast, right?

I hope you guys have a wonderful day! Mal, Quinn, and I have a hot date with Target this afternoon – new sheets and birthday party supplies! 🙂

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Tostadas Al Fresco

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron

We love a good date night out, but with a baby on the way, we need to rekindle our spirit for date nights in. Blue Apron is our favorite way to bridge the gap between home cooking and feeling like someone else prepared the meal (even though we still have to wash the dishes!) With a little intentionality, we turned a boring Tuesday into a night to remember. Thomas was in charge of cooking the Mexico City Chicken Tinga Tostadas while I set the table, stirred together some mocktails, and set the mood.

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With our spring weather peaking these past few weeks, I set the table outside for the first time this year. We had a gorgeous evening!

We moved the picnic table back longways and put the rockers to the left. This set up makes so much more sense, and we were able to sit side-by-side and enjoy the view.

Napkins from our wedding and a snippet from my bridal bouquet were touches we wouldn’t bother with on a normal night. I wanted a romantic ambiance : )

We had Seeplip mocktails for cocktail hour and sipped them slowly while we cooked.

Meanwhile, Thomas was at work in the kitchen.

I love the way the Blue Apron recipes are written into sections, so if he’s working on the chicken section I can jump ahead to another without overstepping on his to-do list. I baked the tostadas while he worked on the chicken and beans.


Soon enough it was time to eat!

These bad boys were delicious! The shells turned out perfectly crispy, the chicken packed with smoked ancho chile flavor, and the avocado, lime, and cotija cheese perfectly fresh on top.


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Thanks to Blue Apron for sponsoring this post. 

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