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Laces Out

Good morning! I’m popping in with a random lifestyle post for you packed with a few meals, my current love for arugula, and lots of shoe talk!

This was strawberry banana cottage cheese almond butter oatmeal. How’s that for a mouthful!

It’s been a while since I’ve scrambled some eggs. They are marbled yellow and white because I just scrambled them in the pan instead of whisking in a bowl first. #lazy ! We also bought a loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread this week for something different and it’s pretty killer! I love the sweetness and the texture of all the whole grains.

Look at this cute boy!!! Matt got him the shark shirt from Target.

Give me all the arugula! It’s my current favorite green because it’s so….dry? Dontcha feel like mixed greens and kale have more water weight per leaf? Arugula is so light and not moist at all, so something about that combo is extra appealing to me. I’ve been making a homemade dressing (usually Wegmans Basting oil, white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper) in a big mixing bowl and tossing the salad together there before pouring into a smaller lunch bowl. While I do love to eat salads out of huge bowls, my mixing bowl is stainless steel and I do not like the sound of a fork on metal while I’m eating. Strange, I know!

This salad had homemade dressing, arugula, leftover steak and polenta (see below!), and feta cheese.

When I was younger, I used to love the salad combo of cottage cheese, broccoli, blue cheese dressing shaken together with sunflower seeds and greens. It was my salad of choice in college! I put some cottage cheese on my salad this week for a dose of protein, and it had a similar effect. Pretty good, especially with raspberries, avocado, and artichoke.

Let’s pause the food to talk about shoes! I bought these two styles of Toms to try on. Blue Chambray Del Reys and and the Grey Chambray Cabrillos. I’m on the hunt for comfortable shoes to walk miles in. Thanks to those of you who voted in my poll on Instagram!

I loved them both, but ultimately I decided to send them back and get a different style without laces that don’t require socks. I got these to try out instead. (And these for Mazen!)

The reason I sent the laced Toms back was because I bought these Saucony’s and like them a lot (for half the price) and think for laces shoes these will do the trick. I don’t need more than one of the same style of shoe. But I DO need some slip-ons that are comfortable and I can walk miles in. Some of my flats give me blisters when I walk too far in them in the summer, and Toms are the only shoes I’ve found so far that don’t other than flip flops and wearing socks/tennis shoes.

Mazen trying so hard to tie Sylvia’s shoes (he doesn’t know how yet) :mrgreen:

Onward to dinner! We made a classic chili with some Whole Foods cornbread on the side. Sharp cheddar cheese tastes SO GOOD to me right now.

We made this Blue Apron dish that came with two others that I’m doing a blog post about one other night. It was the Seared Steaks with Maple Brussels and Rosemary Polenta. SO good! The rub on the steaks, the maple on the Brussels. and the rosemary in the polenta all made this taste extra delicious.

That’s all folks!

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