Monday, May 21, 2018

What I Ate Sunday Funday

Hi, guys! Happy Monday to you!

I’m still smiling from the weekend! 🙂 It was, for sure, an awesome one, especially since Sunday turned into a bit of a “Sunday Funday” with some impromptu adult beverages while watching the CrossFit Regionals during nap time. I mean, hey, Mal and I already completed all of our household responsibilities for the weekend (i.e. groceries, laundry, cleaning), so we figured we might as well enjoy ourselves! 🙂 Additionally, in this blog post, I want to show you guys how I balance my splurges via “what I ate in a day.” Read on for some tips and tricks!

I typically plan my meals and snacks via MyFitnessPal the night before based on what we have in the fridge ready to go. I knew we had some leftover shredded chicken and guacamole that needed to be used up, so I paired them with some frozen cauliflower stir fry from Trader Joe’s. It took less than 5 minutes to whip up this meal!

When Mal woke up, he realized he was out of iced coffee, so he ran to Dunkin Donuts and came back with treats for Quinn and me. I obviously couldn’t turn down a chocolate munchkin, so I made a quick adjustment to my macros (cut carbs) to account for it.

After breakfast, we took the boys to Bare Cove Park for some exercise. Quinn rode his bike while Murphy ping-ponged like a lunatic all over the path. He was SO EXCITED!

It was such a beautiful day! I’m so glad we decided to visit the park. Mal and I even said we should make it a regular part of our weekends again!

Mid-walk, Quinn’s legs got a tired, so we took a break to rest and snap some family photos. How cute are these two?

Photo below by Quinn! 🙂

We actually ended up spending quite awhile at the park (Murphy was soooo exhausted by the end), so when we returned home, we were all ready for lunch.

On the menu for me: Arugula with roasted chicken breast, shredded Brussels sprouts, pine nuts, and blue cheese crumbled. Mmm!

After lunch, Quinn went down for his nap. Mal and I finished up a few chores around the house and then sat down to watch Regionals. Our viewing “party” turned into an actual happy hour celebration complete with drinks and snacks!

As for macro-tracking, I counted the wine, guacamole, and cheese on my plate, but just winged it with the veggies. I don’t worry about getting too many nutrients! 🙂 FYI: After enjoying a munchkin (and impromptu wine), I decided to nix some rice crackers and hummus from my afternoon snack to balance out the carbs, which was a quick and easy adjustment.

Dinner was pork loin with roasted carrots and arugula topped with (more) blue cheese. I’m on a serious blue cheese kick lately!

Dessert was chocolate chips mixed with sunflower seeds, which is quite the delicious sweet + salty flavor combination!

Question of the Day

CrossFit peeps: Did you watch Regionals? 

How was your Sunday Funday? 

Do you want to see more info/tips about tracking macros on CNC?

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