Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Weekend At The Eastern Shore

Hi guys!! We had such a fun weekend away with Sarah and her family! They had an accumulation of travel points to use on a Hyatt trip and invited Mazen and me along to join them. We shared a lovely 2 bedroom suite at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake, which was SO nice and kid friendly. Sarah had been there before and promised us a relaxing time!

The only problem was getting there. A combination of Friday + rain + Preakness + an event in Ocean City turned a 4 hour trip into 8. While Sarah and I were about to pull out our hair, the kiddos actually did a great job on the trek. We arrived much later than anticipated and had a late dinner before zonking out for the night.

Fish tacos + a little boy up way past bedtime!


Our suite had a room with two queens, which Mazen and I shared, a HUGE living room with its own bathroom and fold out sofa that Sarah and Sawyer slept in, and a king room for Sylvia and her grandparents. Our arrangement worked out perfectly, and we had tons of space to spread out.

Mazey and I loved sharing a room, and I woke up on Saturday morning to him smiling at me from his bed!

Sadly the rain continued into Saturday and we had cloudy skies for most of the day. But we were all just so happy to be there.

The infinity pool was beautiful!

We went to breakfast at Water’s Edge, one of the on-site restaurants. Huge plus: the breakfast buffet was free for kids 5 and under!! It was $20 for adults, which wasn’t too bad considering all they had to offer. The cheesy eggs I had were great and I really loaded up on berries.

After breakfast we strolled down to the water. The kids had no trouble getting in despite the less-than-warm temperature!

Soon after we went to the indoor pool, which was one of the nicest I’ve ever seen at a resort.

We played there for a while and then moved to the outdoor pool (which was lighted heated) when the rain cleared up.

Typical Sarah – dressed to the nines while I’m wearing head-to-toe athleisure : )

She took Sawyer for a nap while I took the Sayas to lunch inside. They joined in on a group bingo game!

I had a watermelon and feta salad with chips and guac.

After lunch the kids changed into dry clothes and went to Club Hyatt for the afternoon. They were asking us all morning when camp started! Their counselor – shout out to Miss Hannah – took the mini golfing, to an arcade, and for ice cream. Plus they did some drawings. They had a blast and were so cute telling us about their day when we picked them up 3 hours later. (The cost was $65 per child, FYI)

The adults had a little downtime, and Sarah and I got in an interval workout in the gym. I did some reading by the indoor pool afterwards.

Then we got dressed for dinner and took the shuttle over to Blue Point Provision. Sarah’s parents are so awesome and we got along like one big family.

Look at these models!

I had a crab-topped local rockfish for dinner, which was amazing!! Plus a cornbread muffin from the bread basket.


On Sunday, THE SUN CAME OUT!!! We debated adding a night since we lost our Friday afternoon to rain and traffic, but the hotel was kind enough to grant us a 5:00 pm checkout for a small fee, so we were able to make the most of the sunny day.

We had another great breakfast buffet. I ate more berries and eggs plus delicious cheese grits.

And then we played and played!!

The pool had a ledge around the edge that they kids loved to walk around over and over.

And the WATERSLIDE entertained them for hours!!! You did have to be 40 inches tall so unfortunately Sawyer was too little, but Mazen and Sylvia loved it. And I went down it a few times too!

We LOVED that they required kids between 40 and 48 inches to wear life jackets. It helped assure us of their safety so we could sit and watch from a chair. (Even though both kids can swim just fine.)

I had a berry, spinach, and milk smoothie from the cafe for lunch. Was still full from breakfast!

We were by the pool all day until the kids were totally tuckered out! We had a great time and still had more we didn’t get to do – kayaking, s’mores, dive in movies, golf (ahem Thomas!). If you have kids, I would definitely recommend this resort!

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