Friday, May 25, 2018

I Found My Health—and My Purpose In Life

Friday Favorites!

Our pool is opening this weekend!! That is something to be very excited about. I bought a flowy tankini top to wear this year and will probably rock out a few of my Athleta two-piece suits (aka not skimpy bikinis but more athletic styles that do reveal the bump). I imagine floating is going to feel pretty good later this summer!

Some new things to write home about:

Law of Attraction

I recently listened to this episode of The Lively Show interviewing Sherry Petersik of Young House Love. She and Jess discussed the Law of Attraction from a beginners perspective. Jess lost me a bit in all of her physics talk, and since I have a fan girl crush on Sherry I thought this would be a good episode to catch up on, especially because I’m a LOA beginner. I loved listening to the whole thing, and if you’re into YHL or LOA – give it a listen!

All The Coconut Smells

I recently bought this new fragrance of Dove deodorant (my favorite brand) at Target. It smells SO good. Kind of like coconut and sunscreen mixed!!

Good Reads

I read Kristen Hannah’s The Great Alone last month and loved it. It’s set in wild Alaska and tells the story of a family just trying to survive. It was one of those books that I couldn’t wait to escape to each night because the setting was so different than my own. Like Hannah’s other books that I’ve read, it’s beautifully written and very captivating.

For a lighter switch, I’m currently reading The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews. Lauren and I had lunch a few weeks ago and she started telling me about this book she was reading set on an island off the coast of North Carolina that people take a ferry to visit and ride around on golf carts. I was like: “YOU MEAN BALD HEAD?!” She hadn’t put two and two together because the fictional island in the book is called Belle Island, but it’s based on Bald Head. It’s been really fun to read, although some things have been changed for the sake of the story. But I think it’s so cool that Mary Kay Andrews has obivously been to BHI enough to write in detail about the ferry experience and feel of the island. The story is a bit of a mystery about a murder, so it’s not your typical Bald Head scene : ) Also it’s only $2.99 for Kindle on Amazon!

Where’s Waldo?

Mazen got a Where’s Waldo for Christmas and we’ve exhausted two books now (aka found everything you can!) There are so many reasons why Waldo is the best bedtime story ever.

  1. When I’m exhausted and my voice is tired I don’t have to read long pages. We just stare at the page together and it makes us both sleepy.
  2. Sometimes Mazen falls asleep and I don’t leave until I find what I’m looking for = fun for moms and dads too.
  3. After you find Waldo, there are so many more things to find! His friends – Wenda, Wizard, Whiteboard, and Odlaw – are also on every page. And then you get to look for the tiny key, bone, binoculars, scroll and camera. Those are hard to find!!

Mazen cried the first time we tried because he couldn’t find Waldo within one minute, but now he’s really good at it. I can’t wait to crack open a brand new book soon and start fresh! (I might add that I am also very good at finding Waldo and even though I hadn’t looked at the classic one in about 25 years I found Waldo almost instantly on all of the pages. I think my brain has very good Waldo long-term memory!!)

Somebody needs to make a Waldo app!!

Minimizing Bras

The last thing I want to do to my bust is maximize it! Therefore, I love minimizers. I needed some new bras because I was growing out of all my regular ones and turned to Bare Necessities because they have great coupons and sales. Pretty much any day of the week you can get a percentage off (and don’t buy unless you do!) This is the Bali bra I got. Very supportive and everything tucked nicely inside! I just ordered a second one in another color.

Hope you have a great weekend!!

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