Monday, May 28, 2018

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Graduation Weekend + Pool Hopping

Mazen had his last day of preschool on Thursday and a big celebration at a park on Friday. He wrapped up his 4th year of preschool, and he is kindergarten bound in the fall! (He will tell you “First I am going to lots of summer camps!”)

We loved this year’s teachers, and he had a really great year! My mom always tells me to reward good report cards to encourage academics. While Mazen isn’t quite old enough to get As and Bs, he had a glowing report from his teachers, so this whole weekend was “Mazen’s Graduation Celebration!” He loved it.

After the school picnic, we went to the pool for the first time! It was plenty hot, and the water wasn’t actually too bad. I always give myself some time “for my sunscreen to soak in” aka get hot before doing a while in the water. I was so impressed with Mazen’s swimming too. We played a chase game, and he caught me every time! He passed the swim test with ease this year (he was a little too afraid to attempt it last year) and he spent a while on the waterslides. He’s doing swim team this summer at our other pool, so I bet he’ll be doing flip turns before I know it.

Once home and showered, I found him dressing up in his “fancy clothes” and gelling his hair for his special dinner. (Note the buttons 🙂 )

We had fajitas and mocktails with Seedlip + tonic + mint for the adults.

Afterwards we did a special fire pit with s’mores on a lovely evening.

Because it was his party, Mazen decided to knock on all the neighbors’ doors and ask them to join us. Some of them did!

We sang “Happy graduation to you” while he ate his s’more : )

All snuggled into bed a la E.T. in the closet.

Thomas picked up Timbercreek biscuits for Saturday morning breakfast. I had mine with egg and jam with canteloupe on the side.

This guy doesn’t call it a weekend if he doesn’t do some hard labor. He cleaned the gutters and fixed the roof and pressured washed the porch and deck.

Meanwhile, Mazen went to Nona and John’s with his cousin for a morning full of sprinklers, water balloons, slip n slides, pizza, and chocolate chip cookies! They had a blast.

T and I had smoothies for lunch:

And then a leftover slice of pizza when Mazen came home!

Then we all packed up and went to the pool!

We were racing the weather a bit with storms coming in the afternoon, so we had about an hour and a half to enjoy the water.

Little froggy was sad when the skies darkened and then opened up into a downpour at 4:00.

We took warm showers/baths and then watched some of the Champions League soccer game.

Dinner took us to Stonefield for Burger Bach! My drink of the summer is a virgin margarita! So much more exciting than always ordering water.

Mazen is into sketching and takes a notebook and colored pencils everywhere now. I turned it into a math worksheet, which was a total game changer. It took him 10 minutes or so to work on this in silence. He’s really into math!

We shared fries (obvi) and I got a classic burger with a side salad. I could only fit half and brought the other half home for lunch. I think my stomach space has shrunk! I love that Burger Bach uses grass-fed beef.

Mazen got some sherbet (sherBERT!) from next door.


T and I caught up on the latest “Handmaid’s Tale” after bedtime. OMG.

Sunday morning fuel.

Mazen went over to Matt’s, Thomas headed to golf, and I went to prenatal yoga!

Hope you guys had a great weekend :mrgreen: Congrats to anyone who just graduated!

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