Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Delicious Things

^^Mazen eating corn on the cob last week! In the middle of this dinner he said “Can we have corn on the cob soon?” And we had to explain that he was eating it on the cob! He also had blackened mahi and kale salad – I was proud! He’s gotten so much better at dinnertime over the past year.

Thomas gets all the credit for this blackened fish – it was so good! I get credit for finding my corn holders deep in a kitchen things basket :mrgreen: So necessary for COTC!

Another night we had a taco bar! We used to have this once a week when I was growing up. My mom always put shredded carrots and plain yogurt on the buffet (!?)


Now it’s alllllll about the guac! (I don’t think I had an avocado until I was in college….)

We followed Vie meal plan and I made the super simple tomato soup, which was not only super simple but also soooo good! We had it for dinner one night with grilled cheeses. (I convinced Mazen it was tomato sauce and he liked it) and then I had it for lunch the next day too with melted cheese!

I can’t wait to make this one again!

Moving backwards to lunch, I had this chilled pea soup at Orzo while dining with my friend Emily. It was divine! I wish I had the recipe.

And the crispy calamari salad with dill-yogurt dressing I had with it was absolutely perfect. Orzo is Emily’s go-to spot for lunch, and she has me hooked!

I’ve been on the sardine train at home. You wouldn’t think sardines would be a pregnancy craving but they are! I think I crave their richness. I made the salad with carrots, relish, yogurt, mayo, and mustard and ate it on a rice cake.

Breakfast smoothie aka purple monster with all.the.berries and Vega Coconut Almond. Plus buttered toast and coffee.

Creative art-inspired breakfast with yogurt, toast and fruit.

And finally, a lovely bowl of oatmeal made with strawberries, banana, chia and peanut butter.

That’s a wrap of real food eats for ya!

from Kath Eats Real Food