Friday, June 1, 2018

Becoming Fat-Adapted Has Been the Key To My Success!

Summer Week

I planned (or rather, didn’t plan a thing) a week of relaxing summer fun in between Mazen’s last day of school and his first day of summer camp. He has an epic mix of camps this year, including his first visit to a rustic woodsy camp that reminds me of Salute Your Shorts! <—I still know all the words in character to this and Hey Dude! Two best shows ever. (He won’t be spending the nights but it’s all day). He’s also doing a camp at the San Diego Zoo while visiting Karen late in the summer!

Also new to our summer schedule this year is swim team! Practices started up this week, and he’s doing a great job already. He swam a full lap! He will tell you he now plays three sports: “Soccer, swim team and golf.” Ha! Too bad we’ve had rainy weather all week.

We’ve been staying in bed late and enjoying our lazy mornings. I made blueberry pancakes for me, and chocolate chip pancakes for him. This child will eat a sardine but totally gagged when I convinced him to try a blueberry!


These were made with the Great Harvest pancake mix, which is the best ever.

Continuing the blue theme, I bought some Blue Majik on Amazon to experiment with some mermaid-colored recipes. This stuff is insanely expensive, but wait till you see what it does for smoothies and chia pudding! I stirred a little into my oatmeal.

Bodos for lunch! Thomas brought me a smoked salmon bagel (and microwaved the salmon) with cucumber and cream cheese. I’m off sprouts till October!

On our date night, we went to see the movie Tully at Violet Crown. It’s about motherhood and postpartum mental health, and we really liked it. It’s not too long, and Charlize Theron did a great job. It was a good movie to discuss over dinner, especially since we’re having a baby ourselves.

We went to The Fitzroy, and I asked the bartender to make me a mocktail that wasn’t too sweet but to surprise me on flavor. She brought me one that was a mix of their honey mixer that they put in their bourbon cocktail and lemon – maybe a splash of lemonade? When I have a good mocktail I never miss alcohol. I loved how tart this was and it was fun to sip slowly.

T and I shared their kale caesar and a rueben. Delish!

Afterwards, we couldn’t resist Chaps Birthday Cake cones! I swear by this ice cream as one of the best flavors I’ve ever had, and when Thomas tasted my cone a few weeks ago he agreed. (I couldn’t believe he hadn’t tried it before!) Now he’s even more hooked and requested it.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

from Kath Eats Real Food