Sunday, June 3, 2018

New Sunday Favorites: Redeye Roasters + World’s End

Hi, friends! Happy Sunday to you!

It’s nap time over here, so I wanted to share a quick blog post about our morning since it was an especially great one with two new local favorites in the mix. We even took Murphy along for our adventures! 🙂 Can we talk about these two characters below? Ha!

Our first stop was Redeye Coffee Roasters in Hingham. Mal and I got iced coffees and we split an almond croissant with Quinn, who immediately asked for a bite of the “middle.” Smart kid!

The iced coffee is A+!!!

Redeye Roasters is super cute and located right on the ocean. We’re definitely big fans! And it’s on the way to World’s End, which was the second part of our morning adventures.

World’s End is really something else – and, truthfully, I can’t believe it was only my second time there! Quinn and I first visited when he was 15 months old, but Mal had never been, which is CRAZY. It’s such a beautiful park with rolling hills, paths, and views of the ocean and Boston skylines. It’s truly an incredible place.

Mal and I couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful World’s End was, so we’ll definitely be back – probably sooner than later. We also liked that Redeye Roasters is just 4 minutes away, so it could easily become part of our Sunday routine! 🙂 Photo below by Quinn.

Murphy had a blast too. He was so exhausted, he was “pug putty” on the car drive home. Basically, that’s when he’s just a pile of pug mush in the backseat. Haha!

Qman was pooped by the end too – all of that fresh air was so relaxing!

Semi-related to this post and also a new favorite are these pull-on/elastic waist skinny jeans. They’re insanely comfy – just slip them on like leggings – but they’re legit skinny jeans at the same time!

Question of the Day

What are some of your favorite Sunday activities? 

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