Monday, June 11, 2018

Quinn’s 4th Birthday Celebration

Our sweet Quinn turned 4 years old over the weekend, and it was quite a birthday celebration! It started bright and early (someone was too excited to sleep!) with a present from his aunt and uncle, which arrived in the mail the day before. Inside was a Gotham City Jail Playset, which Quinn, of course, was pumped about, especially the “four jails for bad guys!” Haha! Also, please note Murphy’s face. He’s so bummed it wasn’t food! #onetrackmind

A little while later, we got ourselves together for our usual Saturday morning adventures: CrossFit followed by coffee and donuts at Coffee Shack. Quinn got a special Lucky Charms donut for his birthday – although, I think it looked cooler than it tasted. He ate a couple of bites and then said he was all done. Perhaps it was too much of a good thing? Ha!

After Coffee Shack, we headed home, so Mal and I could quickly shower and get ready for Quinn’s birthday party at the South Shore Natural Science Center. The first half of the party included a show-and-tell of amphibians and reptiles at the science center. It was a hit with all of the kids, especially Quinn, who didn’t stop smiling the entire time!

After that, it was time for pizza and cake!

How awesome did Quinn’s cake turn out?! Stop & Shop for the win!

After Quinn’s party, we said goodbye to his friends and headed home for nap time. He was exhausted!

While he napped, we caught up with Papi and Lori on our back porch until Qman woke up. Once he was awake, it was time for more presents. Let’s just say, Papi’s presents never disappoint! Quinn’s new Batbot Xtreme is a top favorite! You should have seen his face when he opened the box – he was beyond excited! 🙂

And before the day was over, Quinn got his Serpent Strike Pyramid, scooter, and PicassoTiles from Mumma and Dada. The kid was definitely spoiled on his 4th birthday, but he deserved it! 🙂

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Little June Weekend

Hi friends!! Hope everyone is well rested after a nice weekend. Ours was very casual and relaxed.

Friday night was stormy. I feel like we have entered that stage of summer where it storms everyday. The sun goes behind the clouds every afternoon, and I check the doppler to see this:

That scares the sun out of me, and I prepare to go in the basement and hide, but when the rain eventually arrives the storms have been quite mild. Don’t know what’s up with that!

We had leftover pizza, Mona Lisa Pasta ravioli and arugula mixed into the sauce for dinner.

Mazen wasn’t allowed to play Nintendo during the week, so since it was a Friday night we had a family Mario Kart session. Mommy took first place 5x in a row!

After Mazey went to bed, T and I started The Crown. So many people have recommended it. We liked the first episode, but it’s a bit slow. Does the plot thicken soon? I’m also now wondering how much of it is historically accurate. I would think the producers would make it as accurate as possible? Cookies + cream ice cream for a little dessert snack!

Saturday morning Thomas and I were fast asleep when Mazen appeared bedside and said “Thoooooomas……. I’m wearing my UVAaaaaaa shirt!”

Breakfast was above – eggs, toast, and cherries. Love cherries!!

I’ve been making cheesy eggs – so delicious!

We played outside, set up the patio a bit, and then did some drawing. Look at that face!! “Don’t mess with me mama.”

I ran to the grocery store and picked up some hot bar for lunch.

Saturday afternoon Mazen went to the pool, Thomas went to golf, and I went straight to the couch 🙂 I took a little nap while the baby gave me lots of kicks!

We had some friends over for a cookout on Saturday night – BBQ chicken, corn, and grilled veggies, plus apps and drinks.

We ended the night on the patio with tiki torches and the most beautiful evening! There was lightening all around, but it never rained. Good times!

On Sunday morning I felt very lucky to sleep in a bit. My body clock woke me up at 7, but I was able to fall back asleep. I don’t know how people sleep past 8/9 a.m. – I just can’t do it!

We took Mazey swimming and had a light lunch by the pool (carrots, a soft pretzel, cherries). It was HOT!

Here’s a very awkward selfie of the new tankini I got on sale from Athleta. It can be pulled down low to almost be a dress or scrunched up to a tankini. I’m liking tankinis as maternity suits a lot! The difference in having my stomach out or in right now is like the difference in wearing a tight mini dress and sweatpants. LOL. I think as I get bigger I’ll be more comfortable wearing a two piece again, but now I just feel so awkward, like I ate nothing but cupcakes all winter.

And Sunday evening enjoyed a neighborhood block party! We had to wait out another big line of storms before everyone crept out of their houses, but we had a great time once the clouds parted a bit.

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