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A Great Summer Salad

Look at little Mazen!!

Back in the day, there was once a wonderful restaurant called Eppies on the downtown mall. It was my favorite lunch spot for a million reasons. I loved the veg plate where you could order a combination of sides – a perfectly baked sweet potato, black beans, mac and cheese, steamed broccoli, pimento cheese grits (!), collard greens, corn bread that tasted like cake, and pumpkin bread that always served as my dessert. Everything was so delicious, and it was perfect for sharing with a toddler. The second best thing at Eppies was the Santa Monica salad, which featured a bed of greens, corn cut off the cob, goat cheese, dates, cherry tomatoes, and a champagne dressing. Sadly Eppies suddenly closed down a few years ago. We miss it so much!

A few weeks ago my Survivor friends and I were talking about how much we loved that salad. And then a few days later I recreated a similar salad that had all the same elements (with slightly different ingredients.)

My salad contained:

baby spinach

sharp cheddar

dried figs

corn off the cob

red peppers

and this sweet dressing that I found at Whole Foods:

I am so picky about bottled dressings and often make my own, but my search continues for pre-made ones that are good. This one is good!! No gross onion-y bottle taste.

I share this salad in honor of Eppies, one of the greatest casual eateries Cville has ever had. The combination of spinach, fresh corn, sharp cheese, a dried fruit, and a sweet-ish dressing is a winner!

Tell me what your favorite summer salad topping has been of late!

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