Friday, June 22, 2018

Healing Food, For Me, Is the Answer To a Stable and Fulfilling Life

Out Of Doors

Here’s a peek into our 2018 garden! This year we’re keeping things simple with greens, herbs, and tomatoes. We’ve tried growing bigger vegetables in the past, but these are the plants we like to eat the most and want to put energy into. Thomas rebuilt the bed in the back there to make space for a few more tomato plants this year. You can see the rows of greens in the back that we planted pretty late in the season.

The above picture is from late May, and here she grows now:

The herbs! Thyme, basil, rosemary, parsley and dill. Plus cilantro on the greens side.

He LOVES clipping greens for dinner, and he will eat a nice pile of greens dipped in Dr. Ho’s ranch as a salad. We have kale, spinach, and some lettuce at this end of the garden. (Photo taken before we weeded!)

Thomas chose the tomatoes and picked Cherokee purples (purple tomatoes are the BEST!), Arkansas Travelers, Better Boys, and Sungolds. We can’t wait to have caprese salad for dinner every night soon! Mazen spotted some green tomatoes gearing up.

Here is a little Mazen-hosted video! He has expressed interest in video making, and he can’t believe “people will watch my video on the Internet!”


In the front yard, we’ve made some minor improvements as well.

We’ve had a water drainage issue in the front since I moved into the house. The walkway sloped slightly downward and water would often pool when it rained. There were always had traces of mud close to the step. Plus our front step was just a little box next to the porch – nothing legit. (I can’t find a before pic!)

Thomas’s good friend Kyle is a mason and so we had his team help us change the angle of the walkway to support water runoff. Thomas installed two drains and a new drain pipe.

His poor grass will have to get TLC again! 

The end result is much more beautiful and MUD FREE! Since we raised the walkway about 4″ we were able to get rid of the make-shift step. They did a great job!

We are working on planting more grass (hence all the top soil) and getting the mulch lines clean as summer progresses.

Lastly, this little froggy is enjoying eating watermelon out of doors. When you have webbed hands, you need your mother to feed you!

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