Monday, June 25, 2018

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Goin’ On A Bear Hike

Happy Monday! I just love these summer weekends. There is so much more to do than in the winter! But also: more bugs and snakes to look out for!

On Thursday night Thomas and I went to the Alison Krauss concert at the Pavilion. Her voice was beautiful, and she played some classics!

On Friday I picked Mazen up from summer camp, and we got dressed in our out-to-dinner clothes and headed to Zinburger, which hosted our family for dinner.


All summer long kids eat for just $3, and they have a very kid friendly atmosphere and menu.

In fact there was a tiny newborn in the booth next to us that Thomas and I enjoyed watching!

T and I each ordered the Napa salad to start, and we shared both sweet potato waffle fries and hand-cut regular fries for the table 🙂

I had the special summer burger topped with heirloom tomato, balsamic glaze, and burrata cheese!

We had so much food on the table we brought about half of it home for lunch the next day because we wanted to save room for shakes!

Mazen had cookies n cream (which was actually my favorite of the three!), I had the salted caramel, and Thomas ordered a double chocolate. Sooo delicious!

Lauren was hosting a party at her house, and we stopped by on our way home to say hello.

We’ve been watching World Cup soccer at night – I forget which game we watched after putting Mazen to bed but the most memorable goal from the weekend was Germany’s winning goal in the last few minutes.

Saturday morning breakfast – cheesy eggs, toast, and cherries.

We packed up the crew mid-morning and headed to Thomas’s parents’ house to feed their cat and take Mazen on a little trek up to the ridge.

Mazen and Gus LOVED the hike, and M collected rocks and sticks along the way. We counted 13 centipedes. (Thankfully no snakes or bears were spotted!)

I, however, was not too keen on hiking without a path. There was so much summertime brush, and I was sure I was going to step on a snake at any minute! We were covered in bug spray, and if I’d known the brush would be so high I would have worn pants too. Thomas grew up in these woods, but I prefer sidewalks and trails!!

I noticed we were heading the wrong direction on our way back and prevented us from going down in a valley! Good thing I have a good sense of direction and am very observant (“These white plants were not here on our way out”)

Back at home, showered, and praying for no poison ivy, we heated up our leftovers for lunch.

And watched more soccer…some of us.

We’ve been eating out a lot lately, so although Matt came to pick up Mazen for the night, we decided to do a date night in and cook something delicious.

Mocktail hour on the deck.

We baked potatoes and broccoli and grilled beef tenderloin.

Shout out to this great meat thermometer Thomas got for Christmas. It’s wireless and bluetooth enabled so you just stick in in your meat and the app keeps you informed of the temperature.

I hadn’t had a loaded baked potato in ages – so delicious!

We ended the night with The Crown on the couch – the coronation episode! Also – the most recent Handmaid’s Tale – OMG! If you guys aren’t watching Handmaid’s you need to asap.

Have a great week!

from Kath Eats Real Food