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Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Bend, Oregon

Today is quite the special day. Ten years ago, I married my best friend. And it’s safe to say that I am damn lucky! Mal is truly the greatest partner, and there’s no other wonderful (and kind of weird) person I’d rather spend my life with.

We recently got to celebrate this milestone when we were in Oregon last week. We took advantage of our very kind family, who watched Quinn overnight, and took a quick trip to Bend, Oregon to enjoy some just-us time away.

Mal booked us quite the fancy overnight accommodations at the Oxford Hotel, which was located right in downtown Bend and walking distance to shops, restaurants, the waterfront, and more. It really was an ideal location!

Our room was absolutely gorgeous – and huge! There were so many great details that made our stay even more enjoyable – particularly the in-room French press and freshly ground coffee, which we used, of course, to make iced coffee for the next morning! 🙂

The service was also excellent. When checking in, we were asked what brought us to Bend, so we mentioned our anniversary celebration. A couple hours later, a special surprise was delivered to our room: champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and a nice note. Our stay wasn’t related to CNC at all, so it was especially thoughtful!

Once we got settled in our room, we headed out for a long walk around downtown Bend and the waterfront. When we returned to our room, we got ready for dinner and then opened the gifts we bought for one another. Apparently, we were in each other’s heads because we went to the exact same store to buy our gifts and even purchased them on the SAME DAY. Crazy, right? We opened our cards and gifts – there may have even been some (happy) crying. It was definitely a special moment for the two of us.

After that, we headed out for some happy hour action at The Wine Shop and Tasting Room, which was a quick walk from the hotel.

Wearing (above): Long-sleeve top // cargo skirt (technically, a skort, but seriously awesome, and I’m SO NOT a skirt person – super cute!!) 

A little while later, we took another short walk to dinner at 900 Wall, which was a great pick. I especially loved the menu and atmosphere!

Mal and I started with drinks and oysters. For my entree, I ordered the 900 wall burger, which was served with red onion jam, aioli, and gruyere cheese with the best roasted potatoes on the side. Mmm!

For dessert, we shared the powdered sugar beignets, which were served with bittersweet chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce, and vanilla mousse. OMG, they were heavenly!

We ended up having a couple of beignets leftover, so we took them back to the hotel with us and ate them in bed with French press iced coffee the next morning. THAT was awesome!

The next morning, we “slept in” until 7:30 AM, ate beignets and drank iced coffee, and then debated working out. Really, we waffled about it for a solid 30 minutes before opting out and instead starting our day with breakfast at Mother’s next door. Food > exercise

Mother’s was awesome and, my gosh, there were so many tasty options to chose from! I ultimately went with the “WILD THING,” which was wild-caught salmon lox served in a gluten-free wrap with tomato, cucumber, sprouts, capers, and veggie cream cheese. It was SO YUM!

After breakfast, we walked across the street to get coffee #2 at Lone Pine Coffee Roasters. There was a line basically out the door, so we figured it was good!

And it did not disappoint – the coffee and service were A+!

Wearing: Long sleeve top // mesh leggings (on sale!) // sunglasses (save 10% with code carrotsncake) // flip flops 

All in all, it was a truly wonderful anniversary celebration in Bend. I still can’t believe we’re celebrating 10 years today. Even though it’s a long time, I feel like just yesterday we were getting married. It’s crazy how quickly time passes when you’re having fun – and it’s been quite the awesome adventure! Here’s to many, many, many more happy years! 🙂

Question of the Day

Have you ever visited Bend, Oregon? 

How long have you been together with your significant other?

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Impromptu Duxbury Beach Visit

Hi, guys!

After being away for 10 days (Seattle —> Oregon), the start of this week has been a bit hectic with regard to catching up on work, life, and everything else. I’ve basically been glued to my laptop and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Blahhhh.

So, when Mal came home (he was golfing) with Quinn yesterday afternoon and told me to throw on my bathing suit because we were going to the beach, I was instantly in a better mood! Well, sort of. I resisted a little bit because I still had more work to do, but my boys were persistent, and there’s no way I could turn down quality time with them. Plus, they’re cute and it was 90+ degrees outside, and the last place I wanted to be was sweating in my office! To the beach we went!

And, my gosh, I’m glad we did. The three of us really had the best time. Duxbury Beach in the evening is so nice – much less crowded and so beautiful. I’m glad we just packed up and went and didn’t waffle on the idea.

How adorable is this tiny “worm-maid”?

At the beach, I enjoyed a can of Archer Roose Chardonnay, which was quite tasty and perfect for summer. The brand sent me some samples to try awhile back, and I’ve enjoyed them very much, especially the Sauvignon Blanc, which is much better than other canned wines I’ve tried!

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On the way down to Duxbury, we picked up a pizza for dinner.

I try not to each too much gluten, so I only had a couple of bites of pizza, but packed a throw-together salad from home for dinner. I felt a little derp-y eating salad on the beach, but, hey, living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is all about making choices that make you feel your best – and sometimes that means missing out on pizza and eating a salad on the beach (with some wine)!

Dessert was (one million) cherries!

All in all, it was a wonderful impromptu trip to the beach, and I can’t wait to do it again! I definitely see more beach nights in our future!

Question of the Day

Wine in a can? Yay or nay? 

What’s your favorite thing about spending time at the beach? 


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Keto for Women: 7 Tips to Make it Work

Baby: 6 Months!

(Top from Old Navy!)

My brain thinks in terms of pregnancy weeks, but I realized recently that I have crossed the six month mark! I’m 25 weeks this week (so close to 26!) I haven’t done much to prepare for baby’s arrival since my Nesting post. It’s time to get on that I suppose! Luckily we don’t need to do too much to get ready for a newborn. The nursery needs a lot of updates, but there is no rush on those since he’ll be in our room for a while. But I’d still like to have the nursery ready for downstairs diaper changes and storage of toys and things sooner rather than later.

Flashing back to 22 weeks


I keep a running list of things to mention in these check in posts, and when I sit down to write them I often find myself going to Baby KERF to see what I wrote last time. Nearly every time I laugh out loud at how similar my comments are.

In my Halfway post I wrote: “I’m turning ‘pregnant on the sides,’ meaning I can feel my uterus on the sides and I’m feeling more three dimensional instead of one flat plane.”


And in my 23 Weeks post with Mazen I wrote: “I’ve noticed on walks and things that I’m starting to get sides to my bump and it’s hard – abs at work! Some days the top layer is more jiggle-prone, but other times it’s firm and hard. It’s like my abs are in 3D now!”

I really have no recollection of what my symptoms were around now with Mazen, but I laughed again when my notes for week 23 said “nosebleeds and back pain persist” and in my post with Mazen I wrote: “I’m still having a handful of symptoms: nosebleeds and lower back pain being the worst two.”

My SI joint is actually WAY better (thank you chiropractor). In fact, I haven’t even thought about it at all in the past two weeks. I’m actually thinking that it was my high impact workouts that was bothering it more than anything. Instead, I had aching glutes for a week or two. I would wake up feeling like my glutes lifted 100 pounds all night they were just soooo tired. But I think I figured out what the cause of that was: the pillow between my legs! When I used a super thin pillow at the beach my aches when away. My thicker pillow at home must have been keeping my legs too far apart to totally relax. I’ve also tried sleeping on my stomach on the Snoogle since we last spoke, and that was fun for a bit, but I’m finding that this week just having the minimum pillow and otherwise halfway sleeping on my stomach (with a leg propped to the side to allow room for baby) is working best in the moment.

I’ve also noticed (as I did around this time with Mazen) that my boobs are getting ready and have some colostrum already! This was quite shocking. The body is so smart.

Other than those minor symptoms, I’m feeling really good. Perhaps the best I’ve felt through this pregnancy so far. Appetite is good, energy is good, sleeping is decent. I’m feeling very thankful so far. (knock on wood.)

24 weeks


I’ve been able to keep up with my workouts. Each week I do some combination of the following:

  • 1-2 strength classes (modifying with low impact on anything related to jump back planks or twisting but doing jumps if they are square hip style. I’m trying to keep my arm weights on the heavy side because my arms are not pregnant!)
  • 1-2 cycle classes (my best way to get a hard workout with low impact)
  • 1 run (which sometimes is just a walk and sometimes a short run/walk. My HR was up to 170 on my most recent run so I took some walking breaks to bring it back down.)
  • 1 prenatal yoga class combined with some light cardio (which sometimes I miss due to it being at night)
  • 1-2 rest days (because growing a baby is a workout in itself!)


I felt a pickup of movements at 20 and 22 weeks. Around 22 weeks I started feeling the kicks in the front for the first time. So far they are still like popcorn or fireworks and aren’t the breath-taking rolls that happen later on. I’m loving them so much! Thomas has felt a few, and they have gotten stronger and stronger of the past 2 weeks. I feel him move roughly once an hour or so. It’s so funny how used to it I am now.

24 weeks with Mazen

24 weeks at the beach! I might be slightly rounder this time? Or it could just be the way I’m standing.


I walked into Mazen’s room the other night and Thomas commented: “I think you grew three weeks’ worth overnight.” So much of how I look depends on my posture, and at night after dinner I tend to relax it all out. I can still suck it all pretty far back in though, so some days I feel much less pregnant than others. I think I definitely had a growth spurt while I was at the beach. I was talking to a friend at the pool and saying “I still don’t feel like I look pregnant” and she said “You definitely do!” and when I caught an accidental glimpse in a mirror later she was totally right – I looked huge! Also: when I see photos of me pre-pregnancy, I can’t believe how slim I looked. I think I’m just getting so used to my bump that I don’t really notice it as much! (Hilariously, I saw that I wrote the same thing in my 24 week post with Mazen!)

I’ve gained about 14 pounds since our wedding, and I’m using that as my starting point rather than my first doctors appointment because that’s the weight I’d eventually like to get back to. (I’ve gained 10-12ish from my first prenatal appt.)

I have also started to think about the actual birth more, and I’ll save all of those thoughts for another post.

We are all starting to talk to the baby more, as it’s all feeling more real and we want him to know our voices! He’s already a little fourth person in our house. Mazen will tell you we have 5 family members here: himself, me, T, the baby, and Gus.


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