Friday, July 13, 2018

I Became a Fat Burner and Feel Awesome

Frisky Friday

Happy weekend everyone! I’m celebrating with some overnight oats 🙂 🙂 Topped with raspberries and banana. I’ve actually been into classic yogurt lately instead of Greek. I’m liking it’s smoother texture and how it coats fruit better. It’s been a fun change to the breakfast bowl routine.

You might have seen on Insta that I tried out the Roots app! Instead of waiting in line and paying for parking in the garage, you order your bowls on the app and then swing in with flashers on and pick up your bowl, which is labeled with your order number. I had a little trouble with a road closure and going the wrong way on a one way street to get out, but that temporary problem was worth getting this uber delicious lunch!! I’ve been on a serious take-out lunch kick (can I blame pregnancy on this?) and while it’s not great for my dining out budget, it’s been great for my nutrition because I’ve been eating so many superfood-packed meals and salads! Baby needs those superfoods. (LOVE their BBQ tofu too!)

Speaking of baby, I bought a hospital PJ set! When I had Mazen I ordered a special PJ set to wear in the hospital with a matching robe. I still wear that set, but I wanted a new one for baby B. I found this one by Everly Grey at Nordstrom that came with a nursing tank, stretchy pants, a robe, and a matching baby gown!! 

It comes in a handful of different colors, and yes, the baby gown was totally what sold me.

I finished Little Fires Everywhere! It was one of those books that I always looked forward to sitting down to read, but I can’t say that I totally loved the ending. There were lots of motherhood themes though, so I did find it a timely read.

PSA: Kindle Paperwhites are the lowest price they’ve ever been in advance of Amazon Prime Day.

Next up on my reading list I’m going for a little nonfiction and ordered the Moms On Call book. I want to see what the hype is about. I’m already 60% of the way through and was able to skim a ton of the topics, but I’m most curious about their eat-sleep schedules. I always fed Mazen on demand, but I do think that I often fed him when he wasn’t necessarily hungry (hello 100th percentile for weight at 3 months!) so I’m wondering if at least trying a schedule might be useful this time. I know the book is quite controversial, but I also don’t think they are ever advocating letting a hungry baby go hungry because of a clock. I’ll try to let you know what I think when I’m finished.

Which fiction book should I read after that?! I have samples of An American Marriage, The Family Next Door, and Tell Me Lies ready to rock. All recommended by others!

I had dinner Wednesday night with my friend Tricia at Common House, a private social club with a nice restaurant inside that opened here in town maybe a year ago? I love the idea of the social club, but I don’t think the monthly costs make sense in our budget, especially since we have a kid(s). I hadn’t been for a meal before and it was fun to step inside!

We shared a fresh salad and the above grilled ricotta and beet toasts. And for my entree I had this amazing pork verde with swiss chard and grits. I could only fit half and had the leftovers for dinner last night! It was very good. We shared a chocolate torte for dessert at the end. Yum!

I promise we still cook! We made this repeat Blue Apron meal on Monday night. It’s Thomas’s favorite BA meal to date, and I think we’ve made it 3-4 times now. The goat cheese coated zucchini was actually another Blue Apron side dish recipe that we re-made as well. We do get a lot of ideas from the service.

Did you see that Gina started a Fitnessista Podcast?! I have added it to my rotation, and I really enjoyed the episode on postpartum fitness. I did not know I needed to wait so long to get back into my plyo classes though! But I also think I’m forgetting how tired I will be :mrgreen:

I had a doctors appointment yesterday that went well and was uneventful. I’m measuring and gaining on track, and he said the baby sounded happy in there 🙂 He’s growing fast! I have the delicious glucose test to look forward to in the next week or so! Oh joy.

Gussie already loves him so much <3

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