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The Cleanest Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder is here!

People always ask, “Vani, what protein powder do you recommend?”

I have tried so many, and none of them met my ingredient standards.

And they tasted bad, too. Some were chalky. Some were way too sweet. Some were just plain gross.

I knew I eventually wanted to create my own protein powder, and I’m proud to say the time has come.

I created an organic Plant Based Protein Powder that I fully stand behind, and I LOVE IT. It’s the best tasting powder I’ve ever had, and I know it’s the healthiest.

In this video, I share what inspired me to start working on this product in the first place. Something awful was found in a protein powder I used to like… it’s a weird (and disgusting) story… 

Read all about the ingredients in Truvani’s Plant Based Protein here + learn how you can save up to 35% with special Launch Pricing!

It has just 6 simple ingredients that are certified USDA organic, non-GMO, and vegan. Each ingredient was hand selected by me and the Truvani team. We tested each of them for heavy metals, and they lived up to our standards.

And believe me. This testing is important.

Many companies claim to use high quality ingredients, but I’ve discovered this isn’t always true. Even though many of the ingredients found in our Plant Based Protein Powder are relatively common, the quality of our ingredients are much better.

I’ll prove it…

When I was sourcing ingredients for this product, I contacted 52 separate sources.

Most of them failed our initial questioning, and the few that passed sent over a sample for testing… and each one failed the heavy metals test.

And there was one ingredient in particular that gave us the most trouble… Organic Pea Protein.

I couldn’t believe it. This was a COMMON ingredient found in many other Plant Based Protein Powders. Why was it so hard to find a clean version?

Each time another failed source came back I felt so defeated.

Then we finally found ONE supplier who did something unique with their Organic Pea Protein, and it made all the difference. Not only did it pass the lead test, but it has a much better texture that mixes perfectly in water with no chalky feel in your mouth. What makes our Organic Pea Protein different?

I tell the rest of the story here.  

The bottom line: No one tests their ingredients as thoroughly as Truvani does. It’s just that important to us.

I never set out to create my own product line, but I got sick and tired of playing “whack a mole” with these Big Food companies. The world needs a company that actually cares about the products they create. And even though it means I have to be careful in some ways, it also means I can start hitting these companies where it hurts the most… their bottom line.

Remember, at Truvani we believe in real food without added chemicals. Products without toxins. Labels without lies. We will be transparent with our ingredient sourcing and pick the best ingredients available. Always.

So, when you buy a Truvani product, you should know this:

You will get a remarkable product and you’ll also be helping us build a company that has a big vision of changing the food industry.

Be one of the first to try Truvani Plant Based Protein Powder right here.

I can’t thank you enough for your support!



P.S. If you know anyone who uses protein powder (I know you do!) please share this with them and let them know where to find the cleanest protein on the market!

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Sports Days + Starry Nights

I love you too, Gus <3

Happy Monday! We had a sunny summer weekend packed full of fun! Compare this to the dreariest February weekends, and this explains why summer rocks.

On Friday night T and I went to Orzo and were pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be restaurant week. We shared some mussels and grilled mozza-pesto toast to start. Followed by a delicious caesar salad.

I was craving pasta, so I had the spicy sausage pasta with lemon ricotta on top. It was amazing, and I brought half home for Sunday night’s dinner! T’s salmon was epic as well.

We shared a chocolate pot de creme for dessert, and Thomas had to roll me outta there.

Once home we watched the finale of the Handmaid’s Tale – OMG. Those of you who haven’t started it yet, I promise it’s worth a Hulu subscription to watch. It’s been one of my favorite series ever. I can’t say I was happy with the ending (that’s not what I would have done!) but I sort of understand why June did what she did. Can’t say more without spoilers!

Thomas impulse bought some easy bake cinnamon buns for weekend breakfast, and we had those with eggs and pear in the morning. Pretty tasty!

Later on we took Mazen to the driving range so the boys could hit balls. (I hit a few of them, but it’s pretty hard for a lefty to swing right handed!!)

The littlest boy and I sat in the shade and watched 🙂

Afterwards we went to Bellair Market for lunch. Sammies all around. Plus chips!

Our next stop was Target for a bunch of household items. We got Mazen a back-to-school Mindcraft backpack…

And a tennis racquet! He’s been learning to play at camp this week and seems to really like it.

We also brought up a desk from downstairs to his room. He’s been begging for a desk for a few weeks now and likes to sit there and “work.” (Hope doing homework is this easy!)

He’s also been begging me for a babysitter. With our coparenting schedules, we don’t have too much of a need for sitters, but every now and then Matt and I are both booked and we have one. Mazen LOVES college girls and was thrilled when I told him he’d get to have a frozen spinach pizza and a babysitter’s attention on a Saturday night :mrgreen:

Thomas and I went out to Veritas Vineyard for their monthly summer event, Starry Nights.

We met two groups of friends there – a handful of Thomas’s buddies and another group gathering to give our friend Claire a farewell night out before she moves to San Francisco (sniff).

John assembled this beautiful cheese board from JM Stock provisions.

It was a little sad that I couldn’t indulge in a few glasses of wine – but all in good time!

Veritas offered Thomas and me two complimentary tickets to the “Moons” buffet for dinner that night. While you’re allowed to bring picnics to the event, it was so convenient to know a special reserved table and 3-course dinner were waiting for us!

Here were the courses. They have a more formal seated and served dinner as a third option, which would be awesome if you had a group of 6-8 all participating together.

We loved the hazelnut relish (pesto?!) that was great on the salmon and rice and the gazpacho!

And I especially loved the dessert – perfect blend of summer fresh and sweet ending.

We enjoyed conversation, live music (a Beatles cover band!) and fireflies while all the stars came out.

On Sunday we went to Kardinal Hall to watch the World Cup final. Good thing we got there 45 minutes early because the place was PACKED! Mazen was with us for the first hour until he got itchy and went to the pool with Matt.

We enjoyed a nice brunch (and some of us enjoyed giant mugs of beer!) It was a great action-packed game. (That fruit plate was so delish!)

We spent the rest of Sunday at the gym, napping, and prepping the house for the week ahead.

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