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How I Tracked My Macros on Saturday

Hi, guys!

I’m a little behind on “live” blogging, but I wanted to share this post since I get questions ALL the time about how I count macros on the weekends. And, truthfully, I typically take breaks from tracking on Fridays and Saturdays (sometimes Sundays too), but I still “game plan” my food choices – just so I don’t go totally off the rails. Not that there’s anything wrong with letting loose every once in awhile – I just don’t make it part of my regular weekends. 🙂 With that, here how I tracked my macros on Saturday with some life adventures mixed in!

I started Saturday morning with a piece of gluten-free toast with sunflower butter spread on top. I wasn’t super hungry when I woke up, but I planned to go to CrossFit later that morning, so I knew I needed something in my stomach. I also drank some iced coffee with vanilla-flavored Ripple mixed in.

I partnered with Mal on this running workout (below) and nearly died. Obviously, I can’t keep up with him because he’s a speed demon, but I was strugglinggggg. We finished just under 40 minutes with both of us running the 800s at the same time and then splitting the reps 50/50. FYI: I’m still LOVING the Brooks Hyperion for running workouts!

After CrossFit, we swung by Rosa Farms for some smoothies.

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Then, it was off to Target and Trader Joe’s for some errands. Quinn’s brand new beach shovel was handy at the grocery store! 😉

On the menu for dinner this week:

Back at home, we ate lunch together on the back deck as a family. Mal and I had grilled steak salads with avocado and carrot spirals. I added honey mustard to my salad. Mmm!

After lunch, Quinn took a nap while Mal and I went HAM on cleaning the house and purging so much stuff from our lives. I hate that feeling of CLUTTER. It felt so nice to throw away and donate lots of “good junk” (as my mom would always say)!

Mid-afternoon, I snacked on half an Atlas Bar and then left the rest of my day, macro-wise, open for date night with Mal. I rarely ever track macros when it comes to dining out and other social events. I *might* guesstimate, but, even then, I just prefer to enjoy the moment and not get wrapped up in the numbers. Even still, I’m all about moderation and having some sort of boundaries because I love food and honestly can’t say no sometimes. Macros just keep me honest! 😉

Anyway, here’s how I tracked the first part of my day… breakfast (toast with sunflower butter), iced coffee with Ripple, and a Justin’s mini white chocolate peanut butter cup – they go so well with iced coffee! 🙂

I ended up putting my post-workout smoothie with lunch as well as the half Atlas Bar. I just estimated the smoothie calories/macros based on its size, ingredients, and what I could find in MFP – close enough! 🙂

Then, I knew I was planning to have a couple of glasses of wine during dinner, so I added those calories (as carbs) to MFP. You can add alcohol as fat grams too, but I had quite a few carbs and not as much fat remaining in my day. Plus, when you dine out, food is typically prepared with a good amount of fat, so I figured I’d hit my fat goal for the day, no problem. (If you’re curious to learn more about tracking alcohol macros, check out this post and free guide.) I also over-estimated a bit on the wine portion since restaurants tend to serve more than the standard 5-ounce pour.

After eating normally during the day + two glasses of wine, I had more than 600 calories and a good balance of macros for dinner at Bia Bistro. Our foodie friends recommended this restaurant and, my gosh, it was awesome. Mal and I loved everything about it – the food, service, atmosphere. We’ll definitely visit again!

We started with oysters and wine to share.

I ordered the Pan Roasted Salmon, which was served with chive whipped potato and lemon caper beurre blanc. It was seriously fabulous – the flavors were incredible together. I ate about half and took the rest home for lunch the next day.

And, of course, no date night is complete without dessert. Mal and I “shared” the Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Gelato. I probably ate 2/3 while he ate a 1/3. I can’t say no to dessert – and this one was out of this world. It was basically like an under-cooked brownie and so gooey and rich inside. Holy yum!

I didn’t track or think about macros during date night because YOLO, and I had already game planned for the day, so I could just enjoy myself. I’m pretty sure I went over my macro goals for the day, but not every day is going to be perfect, and it doesn’t need to be for macros to work. For me, it’s all about living a happy, healthy life, and I know when I’m making the best (aka balanced) food choices for myself, I feel really great – both mentally and physically.

I hope you found this post interesting and helpful with regard to macro tracking and living a balanced (and delicious!) life. If you’re interested in working together, please check out my macro plan options here!

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Come Rain, Come Shine

With Mazen settled in California, Thomas and I debated and debated if we should do a weekend trip. We didn’t want to do anything far away since we’re heading to San Diego in two weeks, so we researched 1,000 options within 4 hours of driving from Cville: the Chesapeake, OBX, Virginia Beach, mountain cabins, B&Bs, Washington, DC, staycations near Cville. I am always drawn to the ocean, yet the weather for the coast was not looking good. There was a 60%+ chance of storms the whole time. But I knew a year from now – when we (hopefully) have a little baby – we would regret not taking advantage of a wide-open weekend to get away. We waited until Thursday to make the call and ultimately it came down to this: I would rather read a book during a beach thunderstorm than read a book at home. So we took a risk and headed to the Sanderling Resort, where we got engaged a little over a year ago!

Flashback to our engagement night! Duck faces are totally cool in Duck, NC.

We arrived Friday afternoon to clear skies and sunshine. So far, so good! We were able to check into our room early, and had a glorious few hours on the beach. The ocean was actually freezing, so I could barely stick my feet in all weekend, but that was fine with me because I was happy to read and breathe in the salt air.


I read the book Leaving Green Island, which was good and cheap on Kindle. It flashed back and forth between high school girls’ summers on Green Island, Michigan and present time when the main characters were in their mid-20s. I liked the overall plot!

I had an awesome virgin margarita for mocktail hour on the beach. It was mostly fresh lime juice, a splash of pineapple, and salt. Simple but totally satisfying! I like my mocktails tart.

We stayed on the beach until after 6 not knowing what the weather would bring the next day, and then after showers headed to the Lifesaving Station restaurant on the property for dinner.

We shared a strawberry, goat cheese, candied pecan, and sorbet salad.


And a yummy entree with shrimp, scallops, and mashed potatoes.

We were much too full for dessert, but we enjoyed listening to music on the Sanderling porch, watching the moon rise, and sipping some hot tea to end the evening.

The next morning we were braced for rain all day and the radar seemed to agree. There was green and red all around, yet the skies stayed dry. We had coffee on the balcony and breakfast from the stash we brought and kept in our mini fridge.

In-room dining : )

The rain never came though, so we set out for the beach. We went on a long walk to the spot were Thomas proposed a year ago <3 Baby B came along this time!

The skies looked ominous at times, but we were lucky that not a single drop of rain ever fell! We spent the whole day on the beach.

It was actually nice that it wasn’t too hot all day, and the temperature was actually perfect for reading, walking, and relaxing. Can you spot the crazy who got in the frigid water for a nice refreshing dip?!

We took a break and had lunch at the Sandbar, sharing a caesar salad and caprese panini.

Around 5:00 we left the beach, so glad we decided to come and the weather had turned out so nice.

We visited the dock where we took post-engagement photos last year before our dinner reservations at Kimballs.

28 weeks today!

We settled into a nice table with a sunset view at Kimball’s Kitchen.

Our dinner was fabulous, down to the butter, pink salt, and olive oil trio that came with the bread!

We started with a stone fruit carpaccio, which featured thinly sliced peach, whipped brie, bacon, blackberries and balsamic. Yum!!

I LOVED our second course, which was scallop and pork belly over spiced sweet potatoes and a bourbon sorghum butter.

We shared the grouper entree next, with grilled artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes. Very delicious.

And finally a chocolate turtle tart.

On Sunday, after yogurts and fruit for breakfast, we squeezed in a final short beach visit before the clouds eventually opened up and the rain began – which was our cue to head back to Cville!

I am so glad that we decided to go. *Insert all the Moana songs here* to how I feel about the ocean! And of course The Sanderling will always be a special spot for us.

The end.

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EverlyWell Versus LEAP, Quinn’s Tonsil & Adenoid Surgery & My Experience With Caffeine

Hi, guys! Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Last week’s edition of CNC Instagram Live was an especially good one with a frequently asked question about EverlyWell versus LEAP when it comes to food sensitivities. I also cover some other common questions, and I hope you guys find the topics helpful. If you missed the 24 hour replay, here it is for your viewing pleasure!

In this episode, I talk about:

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