Monday, August 20, 2018

3 Words Per Picture [Life Lately]

Hiiii and happy Monday to you!

I’m bring this blog post back to the old school days with a “3 Words Per Picture” theme. These are always fun to write and the perfect way to recap some highlights from our life lately!

“Hello, Momma Poopy!”

Favorite place lately!

TV on ceiling (aka the best part about going to the dentist).

First golf lesson.

Driving range newbie.

He loved it!

On his own!

Fun at Expo!

Quinn ate shrimp!

Fascinating podcast episode!

Pillows just right.

So, so delicious!

Ice cream truck!

Blue Sonic treat.

Question of the Day

How was your weekend – in 3 words? 🙂

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Dear Mark: Does Low-Carb Shorten LIfespan?

When Grammie Comes To Town

And Pea too!! That was just too long of a title 🙂 Today is their 41st wedding anniversary!

They arrived on Saturday, so backing up to Friday night, Mazen went to Matt’s and Thomas went to the Outer Banks for a bachelor party, so I was solo for the night! Sarah and I did a little date night together at Junction.

Virgin Marg!

We shared a shrimp app to start – yummy tempura!


And I had the special for my dinner – blackened snapper, blue corn grits, and fried green tomatoes.

I went to bed early and slept in – it was glorious!

I woke up and made a smoothie. (Cute lid from Mason Jar Lifestyle!)

Then Gussie and I went for a long walk : ) All of a sudden I feel huge!

Mazey came home around noon, I ate leftovers for lunch, and we waited for G+P.

Mom brought Gussie a new birdie toy that he’s been carrying around nonstop despite ripping off all the legs and wings within minutes of his arrival.

In the afternoon we went to the elementary school for popsicles on the playground. It was so cute to see all the kids playing and a lot of parent faces I knew.

Afterwards we went out for an early dinner to Lampo!

Even at 5:30 there was an hour wait, so we went to the new Potter’s Craft Cider tasting room next door to have a drink (those of us who could drink!)

We played a few games of Uno as well.

Dinner at Lampo was fantastic! We ordered a variety of dishes ranging from olives to salads to a cheese taste to an amazing mushroom toast to the lemon arugula and meatball pizzas.

[I have no idea why I look like an oompa loompa! I think it was the sunset lighting and red awning]

We went to bed early, and I woke up to this antsy dog ready for his breakfast! That stare – haha.

I made baked donuts for breakfast using this recipe along with a coconut butter frosting and sprinkles for my mom and Mazen. They were a hit!

Plus fruit!

We took Mazen school supplies shopping mid-morning (which unfortunately did not go very well) and then had leftover pizza, apples, and yogurt for lunch. The afternoon was spent in an epic fort Pea made for Mazen while I did grocery shopping and errands. Grammie and I were in the fort with Mazen when Gus tried to crawl through the hole! It was hilarious.

We went to MidiCi for dinner (yes that’s pizza two nights in a row!) and had a nice casual dinner. We all shared a great gorgonzola and walnut salad –

Pizza for Mazen and calzones for the grown-ups. Mom and I shared the four cheese one, which was good but not great.

We came home to our final weekend hurrah – Sweethaus Cupcakes! I gave my mom a coupon for cupcakes during her next visit to Cville which she happily cashed in. (I think my dad still has coupons I made him in high school tucked away somewhere!)

We shared 5 of them outside on the deck, tasting as many flavors as we could!

G+P are staying through the kindergarten open house and heading back mid-week. Just a few more days till school starts!

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